Blake complaints

  1. Two small complaints and wondering if anyone else has these issues. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this bag. I've only had it about a month and it grows on me more everyday.

    Here are my problems though.

    1. The magnetic snap is sooooo good that it seems I have to pull pretty hard to open the center pocket and everytime I do I feel like it's going to pull the snap right out of the leather.

    2. One of my 3 studs at the base of a handle is loose. It won't just pull out (cause I've tried). but it's loose like a button that is only holding on by a thread or two. I just don't want to lose it so that is why I'd almost rather have it out than loose so that I know where it is and can have it repaired.

    Anyone else have any issues with their blake like this?
  2. I've heard of the studs coming out once in a while. Have you thought about bringing it in to an MJ boutique or dept store to see if they can help you with it?

    I don't have a blake, but my magnetic closures are generally easy to pull open, I never have to struggle with them.
  3. I think I am going to have to take it in. I don't have a boutique around me but I can take it to the dept. store.

    thanks for the reply!
  4. Hmm....I have Blake but I honestly don't have any problems that you mentioned on the above, but yeah, I hope you can fix those feets.
  5. Sorry about your problems. I have a blake, the magnet is pretty strong, but I don't have to pull that hard. I have to pull harder on my sophia.

    I've abused my blake- stuffing it to the brim with books, binders and other misc stuff and so far it's ok.
  6. Mine also has that cream color suede that seems to show every little piece of dirt or other smudges too :sad:. Gotta say though...I still love it :smile: :smile:
  7. yep the magnet is strong, but I like that. You don't have to be exactly on the point for it to close. As for the feet, (crossing my fingers) not yet and hope not ever. That does sound annoying. Love my blake. Now I want a quited one!
  8. I have a black blake from this season- I just got it about three weeks ago and I am smitten:heart:

    I haven't had any problems like you mention- the magnet is strong enough to close the open section without much meddling on my part, but it is very easy to open. Definitely get it checked out, they should fix it for you.