Blake colors for F06?

  1. So what colors have you seen so far? Any news on soon-to-be-released colors?
  2. no but there was a green and a blue one on clearance at Bloomies.
  3. I wish they had more amethyst bags. Looks like there's only one style that comes in that color...
  4. The colors of this season's Soft Calf Leather line (Blake, Venetia, MP, Amy Hobo, Sporty Tote, Zip Clutch, etc) include: Black, Linen (off-white), Whiskey (very dark brown), Emerald (green), Charteuse (mustard green?), Amethyst (purple), Graphite (grey). I have seen Blake IRL in every color except Amethyst & Graphite; other styles in Amethyst & Graphite are in stores already.

    Quilted Blake belongs in the Quilted Leather line (along with Bowler, Mischa, Zip Clutch, etc). Colors include Black, Whiskey, Cashew, Mouse, Emerald, etc. I have seen Black at Nordstrom.
  5. I saw an Emerald Blake today it was stunning. I've never been a fan of that color, but oh man, I will be needing to get that bag!!!!!!!!!!
  6. A chartreuse Blake sounds gorgeous! What is the price difference between the leather Blake and the quilted Blake? The quilted mouse (is that a grey?) sounds yummy!
  7. ET, leather Blake is now $995USD (up from $975) and quilted Blake is $1200. Mouse is described by some as this season's Taupe with greyish tone, take at look at this picture from

    Marc Jacobs Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag
    Tonal topstitching and golden hardware add interest to a chic top zip style.
    Double top handles, with 9" drop
    Two flap pockets with push-lock closures
    Canvas lining with zip pocket
    8½"H X 13"L X 6"W
    Made in Italy
  8. Thanks! Interesting color. Not sure if I love it or hate it...which is odd for me! I like the quilting. Is quilting going to date the bag? What does everyone think? Quilting or plain leather?
  9. I just got back from Nordstrom at Tyson's Corner, VA....and, I saw the dark/emerald green and amethyst Blake. Both are GORGEOUS!!! I may have to get a Blake now ;) .

    I also saw, what I think is a spring color at Saks...kind of a light lime green color with gold hardware.
  10. Don't think quilting will date the bag. =)
    For Blake, I prefer plain leather.
  11. SuLi, thanks for the info. =)
    Uh oh.....Amethyst Blake......I'm so dead!!! LOL!!!
    Guessing that the lime green color you are referring to is either this season's Charteuse or previous season's Sweet Pea. Saw Blake in those colors recently, they are yummy. =)

  12. Is the Amethyst Blake quilted or NOT quilted? I have tried on that style bag numerous times and just feel like it is small. Anyone else agree? I am so used to my roomy Stella!

  13. Is amethyst a Fall color? I so want a Blake in that color! I did see that lime color as well and it is beautiful!