Blake changed?

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  1. It's been a while since I've looked at MJ bags but was at SF Bloomies and saw a blake on sale (~$420) and noticed that the quality of the bag has changed. It no longer has the suede interiro and the leather is not as soft as before. Sorry if this has already been discussed but are they changing the Blakes?!
  2. Maybe it was the Blake with the so cool leather? When I felt the so cool blake it was a lot lighter and the leather seemed thinner.
  3. Yes, it was probably the so cool leather, which is thinner and lighter than the traditional soft calf.
    What color was it, may I ask? That's a great price!
  4. it was a taupe color you should call SF bloomies if u want it ;)
  5. ^Thanks! Too bad, I don't buy brownish bags usually.
    Better for my wallet, I guess.:sweatdrop: