Blake - Black or Bordeaux?

  1. Hi guys, I've been obsessing about the Blake lately. I just discovered that Shopbop has Blake in the colors that I've been obsessing about - black and bordeaux. Both look gorgeous - but which one would you guys get for every day use? Black is obviously the safe color but I have a bordeaux ZC and love the color.
  2. Bordeaux is a color that won't be available forever. Black will. Sooooo, you can always grab a black one next season and get the bordeaux one now. Problem solved!
  3. I say brodeaux....fab fall color!
  4. I like the gold hardware with the bordeaux:smile: Very pretty.
    And bag-addict is right - you can always pick up a black later.
  5. ITA! I vote for bordeaux! :heart:
  6. Bordeaux is gorgeous!
  7. i agree with the previous posts but i have one thing to add. is the price an issue to you? the black will always be available and so it will probably never go on sale. the bordeaux probably will, but it may be harder to find later. you could buy the black now and try to find bordeaux when it goes on sale. either are beautiful tho!
  8. My vote is for the bordeaux.
  9. You make an excellent point!! I am chewing my nails to the nub waiting for sale season to start!
  10. get the bordeaux! it'll stand out so much more.
  11. Definitely go with bordeaux! It goes with everything!
  12. Yup, bordeaux!!
  13. Bordeaux! It's on my wish list, but not for the near future. It's gorgeous!
  14. Love the bordeaux!!!! I got a black one however w/ matching zc this past spring..I have YET to take that baby out of the box!!!! Looking VERY forward to it as fall is near...I would say get what you love...I chose black b/c I will have that bag forever, I wanted another classic, and I couldn't afford both lol!!!!! Good luck w/ your decision!!!
  15. :heart::love::tender::smile::girlsigh: