BLAKE Black is here!

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  1. Love love love it!
    soft and roomy and LOVE side compartments with zips great for water or whatever

    lays flat but holds tons!

    excuse pix they were done quick with little camera

  2. Wow nice bag, I've been eyeing the Blake and this looks great. I would love it in the Carmel colored one. If anyone on here has that one IRL please post PICS, thanks. I am also waiting to see what the Brady ends up looking like and would be great if it comes in that great carmel color. Great bag, congrats......:woohoo:
  3. love it. the detailing is awesome and the leather looks TDF- congrats!
  4. Very nice - congratulations!
  5. Looks like a wonderfully practical bag. Congrats!
  6. i love the how the zipper details are not only for show and stylish, but they also permit expansion of the bag? and the hardware buckles on the straps add more interest. this is a promising start for kooba's fall line. nice pick!:tup:
  7. it is gorgeous
    actually the zip on the side does NOT expand the bag but it is really a compartment that just happens to zip all the way to the bottom!
    i would put a small umbrella in there etc...not something small just in case zip opens....but it is gorgeous
    i just opened the zip all the way and the sides flap open it doesn't make the inside of actual bag bigger...IT IS BEAUTIFUL i think i will wear it tomorrow i want to be first on the block....lolol like anyone is going to have THIS! LOL
  8. Gorgeous! I really like this set of Koobas so much more than previous seasons.

    Enjoy her!

  9. that's clever design. with fall and winter approaching i agree that side compartment would be most convenient to stash an umbrella. perhaps a water bottle or sunglass case. it's such a great bag. there's one on ebay i'm eyeing. it's amazing how much less expensive this season's bags are on ebay compared to my local dept stores. they're still full retail price and when i calculate an additional 10% tax (yes, it's really that high here in chicago), the koobas can cost $700. :tdown:

    back to browsing the bay for deals.
  10. had no idea about that tax! meantime yes an umbrella and water seem perfect
  11. I agree, Grace. This Fall line is much better than last year.
  12. these are such great bags...i am so hooked....this one in black and the ashley black will get me through winter
  13. it's a big bag. love it. can someone tell me if it's too big for a small person (5'2" and 120 lbs size 6)???
  14. i am 5 2 is big but not heavy and it is nice and flat so you don't get overwhelmed with it! go for it!
  15. congratulations!