Blake bags...

  1. hi guys..this is my first thread on this forum. had i known about this forum, i would've been a member for ages!

    i was wondering if any of you guys have the same problem as i do with the blake bag. i bought a pink one on sale at the melrose store i think a year or two ago for 40% off. i love this bag cuz it's so cute and spacious but i realize after a while, it's super heavy. the metal hardware on this bag is crazy. my shoulders actually ache from carrying it. is it just me or do you guys have this problem too?
  2. carrying a blake or a stam is definitely an arm workout but at least you know they will hold up over time

    I also feel the same way about the suede-lined MPs
  3. I also feel the same way about the suede-lined MPs[/quote]

    Oh yeah....They have some weight..I have a small one and It took some getting used to,...Now I'm trying to find a large one and I can just imagine how that is going to be....But yes...I'm confident It will hold up over time!!!
    :heart: Emmy
  4. very true. i throw my bag around everywhere and (knock on wood) it's perfectly fine. it's pretty amazing..
  5. MJ bags are heavy. I think of it as bag workout for your shoulders and arms. ;)
  6. With all the hardware and the suede lining it's no wonder these bags are so heavy.. but if it wasn't for those details we wouldn't love em!
  7. Most MJ (and Chloe) bags are on the heavy side, it really takes some time to get used to them. =)
  8. I used to have a Blake and it was pretty heavy due to suede linings and the hardwares. I wasn't much a fan of the Blake. I don't know exactly why. If the weight is really bothering you, maybe you should consider getting another style though I gotta warn you, most of MJ handbags are heavy. I don't even know what's the lightest handbag from MJ. Any idea?
  9. That's the reason why i have multiple bags. So i can switch to the lighter ones when my MJ bags start to strain my shoulders. But i still *LOVE* my blake, it's one of my favorite bags in heavy rotation. Such a favorite that i'm afraid i'd wear her out one day!
  10. what do you guys use to clean it? my pink one has some markings....
  11. I used baby wipes, Coach Leather cleaner and moisturizers on my bags. Works very well.
  12. i just use saddle soap (leather cleaner), got it from the shoe section at Target, works wonders!

    This is the one I've been using, it's very gentle on all my leather bags.
  13. How does saddle soap work? Do you wet it or something?
  14. i just use a damp rag and rub the surface of the saddle soap to develop a little lather (just a tiny bit), and then rub the dirt of my bags. It swipes the dirt right off, especially those marks underneath the hardware. i get this huge satisfaction everytime after i clean my bags. :graucho: The soap is mad cheap too, and a tub goes a long way.

    After cleaning, i usually spray with Wilson's leather protectant, it makes it easier to clean too. i pamper my bags waaaaay too much :P
  15. oooh! thanks so much for the cleaning tip. I desparately need to clean my Blake bag but didnt know what to do. Thanks again!