Blake at In-N-Out

  1. Today my bf and I had lunch at In-N-Out. Best burger place IMO. I believe it's only in CA and NV. Anyway I had no place to put my blake down. So I told my bf to get some napkins and clean the seat next to me. Then I layered napkins on the seat before putting my purse on it. =] Am I crazy or what? I tried to do it really fast, I didn't want people to think I was crazy lol. I asked my bf if it was too much, and he said OHHH YEAH. As you can see, the chairs are connected to the tables. That table next to us seated 4 people. And well, nobody would be able to sit there lol.

    I even have a pic.
  2. LOL!! That's hilarious!!!
  3. That's so great!! I know other people on this forum that would probably have done the same thing. I don't think you're alone! :biggrin:
  4. that totally sounds like something i would do. hah. your quilted blake is gorgeous. is that the almond color? :smile:
  5. It's actually white chiffon from resort 06.
  6. beautiful, i love it. im pretty positive that'll be my next purchase...around xmas time :smile:
  7. Only if you put a seatbelt around Blake when you are in the car would I start to worry! ;)
  8. Not weird at all! I've done it.

    I've been food shopping several times and when it rains, I'll wrap my bag in one of the plastic bags...LOL.
  9. ^ Good idea!

    When I was at the movies the other night, I used the MJ canvas tote to put my bag in so I wouldn't have to put it directly on the chair. Those totes are so useful!! I always try to keep mine in my bag for occasions like that.
  10. I NEVER put my bag in the shopping buggy's seat. Who knows what leaked out of someone's diaper there. Too scary to fathom!
  11. I would have done the same thing. My Grandmother always told me...NEVER EVER place your HANDBAG on the floor. I notice some women setting their handbags on the bathroom floor....EWWWWWW:throwup:. If there isn't a hook in the stall or one of those things that comes down to put your bag on. I'll find one that does.
  12. HAHA...Funny you say that. I do...but I think its because of the way I drive. Sudden Brake Syndrome...Whoossh all the stuff in the bag on the floor board.
    I work for a PD in Texas, when I was working one night I got into an accident (drunk hit me). :cursing: I had my LV with me as well as my shotgun. The first thing I told a buddy of mine was "please secure my LV, guard it with your life...then I asked about my shotgun.:rolleyes:
  13. I am afraid that SBS has, indeed, spread to North Carolina. I know exactly what you are talking about. Perhaps Pfizer will, one day, create a cure.
  14. LOl, I've actually thought about it, been a few times where I had to break hard and it just flew to the floor. Really ticked me off and I would always try to grab it and put it back safe and sound. lol.... it's ALMOST time to worry.
  15. hahah that's cute. i love IN-N-OUT as well! but favourite burger is still arby's for me (;