Blahnik or Louboutins?

  1. Having been a CL girl for a while, i recently bought a pair of blahniks and i have found a new love. They are so comfy and a bit more "practical" than CLs. Now I am torn!

    Which do you prefer? CLs or Blahniks?
  2. I prefer Louboutins. I don't buy them for their practicality, I buy them for their beauty and uniqueness. There is just something about Louboutin heels that make my heart skip a beat, which doesn't happen with many other designer shoes.
    While I see Blahniks as demure office shoes, I see Louboutins as stand-out party shoes! They are total eye candy and look so sexy.
  3. I agree with fumi. Blahniks are more classic, traditional, where CL's stand out more and have a uniqueness to them! That's why I prefer CL. They give you a choice of neutral/classic, as well as wild, gorgeous pairs as well!
  4. Without question it is MB.

    They are more comfortable and practical because designed well even with 105/120 heels. If you want you can still go for one of his more unusual designs to be a bit more cutting edge. I also love the fact he has keep to a limited market so when go to London Boutique it is still very personal.

    CL was good but in recent years has gone really commercial and I think quality has gone right down hill as he has expanded and exploited his position.

    Perhaps also as I've got older my feet and me have become less forgiving to some of the more extreme designer ideas that result in shoes that try to torture you after 10 minutes!

    I want shoes that make me look elegant and sexy, not make me look like I am walking over hot coals or as if I am about to topple over.
  5. Neither. MB are a bit staid. CL are overpriced and quality is diminishing. I prefer Pierre Hardy or Gianmarco Lorenzi ;)
  6. CLs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and also Giuseppe Zanotti :smile:

    not a Blahnik girl...
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    I think that although Blahniks tend to be more classic there are quite a few of his designs which are really out there and unique.
  8. Since when did Tamara Mellon take over manolo blahnik????
    Or do you mean jimmy choo?

    Anyhow, for work and more practical days, I'm a manolo girl. And MBs are so much more comfy than CLs even at 105/120 heights or equivalent pitch.

    On my more glam days for special events, I always wear louboutins.

    So it really depends on the occasion.
  9. CL hands down :smile: Just like most of ladies said here, CL styles are fun and unique while MBs are classic. Depends which look you are looking for....
  10. Please ignore me! I was reading an article about Tamara Mellon just as I was replying to this thread! I got so confused:blush::roflmfao:

    I do love CLs (they are so beautiful to look at) and I think a mixture of designers is always healthy!
  11. I love them both, but for comfort and all day wear that still looks sexy and classy it would have to be Manolo's....maybe it just me, but I have been also disappointed lately of the quality of CL's....very inconsistant.....even when you try on two pairs of the same size, they fit differently....Manolo's are always top notch in quality and worksmanship.....and comfortable, even in the 105mm heels(I'm a fan of the BB's and Blixa's)....whereas, I cannot wear the New Decoltissimo's or Pigalles for too long without the need to slip them off or sit down.....
  12. Blahnik all the way. I do like some CL styles, but overall they are a bit too... Out there for me. To me, Manolo is the humble gentleman, while Louboutin is a bit loud. I prefer the classiness!
  13. Hehe that's ok, but for a second I was like OMG that's news for me cuz I don't see the man relinquishing his throne to Tamara. I think he'd commit suicide first before handing over his empire lol

    And yeah... I do not like that woman one bit... *shakes head*