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  1. Before I rant, I am in no way a snob, that is NOT what this is about!
    I work for a custom silver jewelry artist/designer. I have been working for a friend of his since November in a store in the snottiest mall (of course where I purchase my LV and Movado-lol). They sell amazing jewelry from some of the most talented designers I have ever seen. Lately they have been buying items from designers that replicate (and NO they are not replicas as in fakes but ARE the exact same thing to a T-legally-and most of the time nicer) what the Tiffany Store sells. We sell the heck out of the stuff (cause ours is half or less of the Tiffany price) I own some Tiffany pieces that I can no longer even stand to look at because I am so bored to death by it and also because I have now seen so many pieces that are interesting, intricate and unusual. They are buying what I now consider crap, the hearts, the beads, the toggles, the same thing I see on young girls, old ladies and everyone in between. In the mean time, they are not buying from the real artists, I am not seeing the wonderful, hand crafted, all consuming details and most of all, the beauty. Am I missing something? Where is the beauty? Would everyone rather have a boring status symbol that everyone else just looks at, knows what it is and how much is cost than have someone actually look at the jewelry and possibly even compliment on it? I don't know, maybe having someone say, Oh wow, that is so cool is much more appealing to me than having them just look and not say anything because it's no big deal. Ok, so check out the real artists, and please, if you like an artist, mention it!!! We need more artists being talked about and sold!!!
    My suggestions:
    Bon Ami (incredible and unusual pieces she makes in Isreal)
    Erika Zap (pearls that are so much fun)
  2. I agree....

    I am not knocking designer brands..but especially in jewlery...there are sooo many other great designs out there without the name....I have found much better designs outside of Tiffanys or Cartier or whatever and love the actual piece and not just where its made by...
  3. I think Tiffany's offers many designer styles of jewelry that are not easily recognized by the average person looking for "the brand". That being said, I do believe that most of their jewelry in the 18k and platinum line are classic and stand the test of time. Just because a design is from a large company certainly doesn't make it non-artistic or bland.
    I agree that there are designers who have talent worthy of recognition. I have several pieces from my local jeweler who has a very artistic designer and I cherish those pieces, but I love my Tiffany's too!:yes:
  4. I have a couple of Tiffany's pieces and I know exactly what you mean. I have quite a bit of T& Co jewellery: silver heart, silver bean necklaces, toggle & heart signature necklace and matching bracelet, and a pair of silver teardrop earrings.

    I think of it as sort of Mac-Jewellery - you know, it's mass produced and EVERYONE has it. I only wear the earrings now. They're a bit of a less exposed design (the heart and bean have been done to death) and they were a beautiful gift from my ex-boyf after we broke up. But I can't see myself getting another thing from T& Co. I have a private jeweller who has encouraged me to get some beautiful pieces with coloured diamonds and stones and quite frankly, the opportunities are endless with an original artisan who will make you exactly what you want.
  5. You know, I walked into Tiffany's the other day for the first time and walked back out less than 3 minutes later. It's all the same! It's the same stuff I see everywhere, and on every teen in the mall. I have a HUGE jewelry collection, and have never owned anything from Tiffany, and not a single piece I own looks like anything from Tiffany's, because it's all unique and different. I used to think highly of Tiffany's, but all I saw when I went in were dinky little pieces of heart jewelry, overpriced silver, rings with just the Tiffany label on them?! Yeesh...maybe I'm just missing something.

    I was actually in Neiman Marcus when a lady pulled a ring for me to try (I never buy jewelry from places such as this, but she saw me carrying an Hermes bag, and was on me like a fly to a piece of cheese). She was staring at my rings. Two of them were 5-6 carat pink tourmalines set in intricate yellow gold settings, made by a close family friend. She asked me why I hadn't cleaned them lately. I told her they weren't dirty, the stones contained natural inclusions. She SCOFFED, lol! Our family friends have a giant jewelry collection that literally takes up multiple safes and lock boxes, and she wears nothing but included emeralds (they design much of their own jewelry). She prefers a natural look to some of her stones, and I picked up the habit from her when it comes to the tourmaline I wear. Never thought it was so faux-pas :biggrin:
  6. ^^I agree I have had quite a few pieces of tiffany jewelry in the past, and I have since sold or given away most of them. I used to be a big fan but now I don't really like commercialized silver jewelry anymore. I love indie jewelry designers and custom made pieces and I also collect victorian and art deco jewelry. They really don't make jewelry like they used to.
  7. i don't use any of my tiffany jewelry any more because it's just so common
  8. My aunt took me to a Jewelry Show once in Virginia and after that I don't think I will ever buy a piece of jewelry from a "chain". There were so many beautiful and intricate pieces of jewelry at that show, I couldn't believe my eyes! I also think that buying from independent designers is great because you're supporting small busineses :smile:
  9. ITA. Except I don't have any Tiffany pieces...well...not yet
  10. I had several necklaces in my shopping cart on Tiffany's website and was trying to decide which one to get when a ring at a local store caught my eye. I bought it and have received so many compliments and comments on how different it is. I had totally forgotten about my shopping cart at Tiffany's! I'm really loving my unique ring, and I think I'm going to stick to buying interesting things. I love looking on the websites of the jewelry designers on this forum.
  11. I love Tiffany, they have many unique pieces as do Cartier, Boucheron, etc.
  12. I like quite a lot of Tiffany's jewelry. So far I only own the Elsa Peretti teardrop earrings but I will soon add the diamond Cruciform earrings to my collection.

    I bought them because they look gorgeous on my ear lobes, as do the Cruciform ones.

    I have never and will never buy an item, especially not one that is expensive, to impress anybody.

    I buy things that I think are beautiful and that flatter or complement me in some way.

    I think the OP needs to remember that Tiffany's sell a lot more items than what you will see on the street: a brand's most popular item is not it's only one.
  13. This is why I DREAD the jewelry forum. And I LOVE jewelry! I WANT to know more about jewelers and funky cool places to find GREAT pieces!

    Did I mention that I LOVE jewelry?!

    However, my husband brought my engagement ring from Tiffany's. We picked china from Tiffany's. Whenever he wants to surprise me, he gets something from Tiffany's. Do I like things other than Tiffany's? Of course! Do I want to support local artists? You betcha! Am I happy when we all post cool people that make cool stuff? YUP!

    So, why is it, that whenever I happen to check this forum, there is ALWAYS a thread bashing Tiffany's? Can we just post awesome suggestions and pics to whet our appetites and expand our horizons?

    Do we HAVE to go negative?'s just that after I've seen a few threads or comments talking about how common Tiffany's is or crap it is...I just feel sick. I like to put on my crap silver and feel like a princess ('cause my hunny adorned me so :smile: and not pointed at as a fool.

    My two cents.

    Thanks tho for the awesome suggestions! Keep those coming! More sparkles to drool over!