Blades of Glory

  1. Yes, I went to see it... and you know what...? It was pretty damn funny! Anyone else agree?
  2. Awesome movie! Laugh my hat off!
  3. Dying to see it, I love Will Ferrell!
  4. funny at moments, repetitive and dull at others...worth watching
  5. There were some hilarious parts.
  6. Saw it and loved it. I thought that "Napoleon Dynamite" (cannot remember his real name. I think it is Jon?) was hysterical too. They had very good chemistry. Amy Poehler is so pretty, IMO.
  7. I saw it and loved it.
  8. I'm dying to see this!! I'm a huge Will Ferrell fan as well as of fellow SNL members. Hopefully they'll show it here soon!
  9. Exactly. He pretty much plays the same character in every movie. Anchorman and Talladega Nights are classic to me, but at this point it's kind of getting old.
  10. I'm going to see it tonight. Anyone think it was funnier than Talladega Nights?