Blades of Glory

  1. I saw this today, and I thought it was hilarious!

    As a general rule, I love Will Farrell's movies and this one does not disappoint.

    (I didn't enjoy Bewitched that much. He was good, Nicole Kidman was good, but there was something that bothered me about it and I wasn't sure what.)

    Generally, though, his movies have good scripts, good characters and good costars.

    This one was no exception.

    (Watching the movie, I realized Jon Heder's kind of cute!)
  2. I so want to see this! I'll probably see it with my best friends soon; it looks hilarious! :wlae:
  3. i saw this last night with my sister and thought it was pretty good.

    no ricky bobby, but still packed with laughs.
  4. oooh, i can't wait to see it! i bet it's funny :p
  5. haha, I can't wait to see it! Neither can my boyfriend... maybe we'll go next weekend.
  6. Yay!!! Keep them coming, Will Ferrell! I'm a big fan. I wonder when will it open in Mexico?
  7. Saw it last night with my DH. I loved it, but he thought it was just "ok". Funny movies are such a great way to blow off steam after a long week.

    If your a fan of either Farrel or Heder Blades wont dissapoint. :lol:
  8. Gonna to see this tomorrow!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  9. oohhh i just saw it yesterday!....ITS SOOO FUNNY ... i love the one scene where there's the HOT DOG STAND guy and he says "does this look right" and the camera points down to show two hot dog wieners in a bun!!


    and of course the sound effect of their two croctches interlocking on the ice!!!
  10. OMG, this movie was hysterical! I was practically crying during the first skate on the ice in front of the audience!!!
  11. I saw it yesterday with my friend on my birthday. I loved it! Will is so awesome. I love every movie he is in (including Bewitched and especially Elf). I thought that "Napoleon Dynamite" (don't remember his real name) was great in it too. :smile:
  12. We saw it on opening day because Will Ferrell is my hero. Hilarious!
    The skating routines :roflmfao:
    This is what Ferrell said when asked if ice skating would turn into one of his hobbies ala Paul Newman with car racing...“I have not had my feet in a pair of those diabolical torture devices since the day we wrapped the movie, and I feel I can state with some certainty I never will again." LOL!
  13. I love Will Ferrell and John Heder, so I really want to see this movie!
  14. I'm glad to hear you liked it. My dad called me today asking if I'd seen it because somebody he knows thought it was hilarious. Looks like I'll be seeing it this weekend.