bladder infections

  1. i'm pretty sure i have one. :yucky: i don't have a dr. and the one all the ladies at work reccommended can't get me in til tomorrow. until then, i feel like crap. is there any over the counter things i can do? all the websites just say "call your doctor."
  2. Drink tons of water and cranberry juice - they will help to flush out the infection. I'd still get to the doctor too.
  3. I second the cranberry juice.
  4. I second the tons of water and going to see a doctor ASAP! :yes:
  5. Meanwhile, google bladder infection homeopathy. I hope you feel better soon.:flowers:
  6. thanks for all the suggestions. hubs is bringing home cranberry juice after his meeting. i'm off to google some more.
  7. Make sure it's 100% pure cranberry juice or even taking cranberry pills help
  8. Good point. The higher the percentage of actual cranberry juice, the better it will work.
  9. what all the other ladies said - water and cranberry juice until you feel like you're going to float away! it will help dilute the bacteria and flush them out so they're not so concentrated.

    godspeed. i've had my fair share of UTIs, they always make me feel like a ho, even though i've always gotten them while i was in monogamous relationships.
  10. As a veteran of these as well, you can also take a good dose of an anti-inflammatory - Motrin Advil or generic ibuprofin, I usually take 600mg every 6 hours I am 135 lbs). It will help diminish the urethral inflammation that is causing the pain when you pee and after.
    There is also a drug called Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride that used to be prescription and is now sold over the counter. It relieves bladder pain (pain with urination) but should be used only once you have gone to the doctor and given a urine sample because it will change the color of your urine to a red-brown color, and testing cannot be done. You can find it in the feminine hygeine aisle of your local drugstore. I know it is sold under the brand name AZO Standard. (Wear a panty liner while using it so that you don't ruin your panties). Hope you feel better soon!
  11. Cranberry juice, lots of water, and AZO Standard, an OTC pain reliever that really helps.

    Hope you feel better!
  12. Run, do not walk, to your local drugstore and get over-the-counter CYSTEX. It is a pain reliever made for BIs that *immediately* clears up that urgency/full bladder feeling you constantly have, as well as burning and pain with urination. I just had my first BI a few months ago and it was hell. I realized what it was at (of course) 5pm on a Friday, was in horrible writhing pain, and tided myself over with Cystex until I could see my doc at 9am on Monday morning. (I just showed up without an appointment) The Cystex takes effect in around 2-3 hours. I don't remember it changing the color of my urine nor affecting my urine test at the doctor's office. My doc said it was totally safe to take as a temporary measure until you get to the doc's. After ID-ing the bacteria, the doc will prescribe an antibiotic.

    Now I keep a package of Cystex at home just in case this ever happens again.
  13. WARNING: This is all TMI...
    I get them all the time as I have a bum kidney and refuse to deal with it. LOL I just don't want it removed quite yet. I use aome UTI OTC medicine from a local drugstore. It turns your urine orange but works GREAT!
  14. I always seem to get UTIs on holidays or weekends so I end up at the local Doc-In-The-Box, aka "Patient First". If you're completely miserable you can always go to one of those if you have one in the area. Otherwise, what the other ladies said--force fluids, etc etc. Hope you feel better soon!
  15. Believe me, I am very sympathetic, I had an awful UTI that went into my kidney and required hospitalization and I have had many less-severe infections. The cranberries and water are good, but you NEED antibiotics as soon as you can possibly get them so that the infection doesn't get worse.

    And make sure to pee after everytime you have sex. :yes:

    Feel better!