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  1. post your Blackout beauties here
    Cities S in Burgundy and Black

    City regular size in Grey

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  2. Blackout Valentine's Day clutch graffiti

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  4. I forgot about this thread, I will take some better pics & add them here :smile:
    When is your coming Peace :panic::lol:
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  5. It's probably in the air now ??? Hopefully i can receive it by this week ! :panic::panic::panic:

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  6. oh wow!!! love this. It's the only graffiti i like !
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  8. Blackout City S :love::love::love:
    So happy that I can finally post here! :yahoo::yahoo:

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  9. Hi Peacebabe,
    Your bag is a beauty!
    How is the leather holding up? Is it starting to wrinkle like most Balenciagas or is it still pretty structured?

  10. Hello, i don't carry this BO continuously as a daily bag, so it's still pretty new. But i can say that BO is not a structure bag, the leather is very soft & it smooth, not wrinkled.

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  11. Thanks so much for your reply! [emoji846]
    I’ve been considering it in the red city mini. It’s the perfect pop of color that I feel I need in my life. [emoji23]
  12. SInce you are looking at a Mini City, the size is too small to feel any structure differences. Not much leather to slouch anyway ;)

  13. Did it come smaller than a City small or is that what you're talking about?
  14. Yes, BO comes in Mini City size ;)

  15. Thanks, I learn something new every day, we just don't get the selection here!
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