Blacklisted in LV

  1. Hi, I've read PFers talking about being "blacklisted" at LV. I know its negative action; however, I'm not exactly familiar with what that, help me out for those who know.

  2. I have never heard that term before. I know a lot of SA's at the LV stores. Is that company jargon? If so, I can find out.
  3. I hope someone knows what it means, I am interested now to find out!!
  4. Hmm. I'm nosey. I want to know too:yes:
  5. well, blacklisted is a term that means banned, I would think if you bought bags to sellfor profit on say, ebay or bought bags and returned fakes in their place...
  6. Also, a some asian people get banned from shopping at LV in France because they buy the bags so they can make counterfeits. I've read articles about them approaching unsuspecting tourists and asking them to buy the bags for them, but apparently LV has a few of their people walking up and down the street outside their shop in Paris and they basically tell the tourists why they refuse to sell them the bags when they come into the store.
  7. Doesn't the Paris store have a limit on how many items can be bought by tourists? I have heard that is the reason why Japanese tourists ask other people to buy bags for them (since it is cheaper for them to buy in Paris than in Japan).
  8. I got asked by some asian couple of times along Champs Elysee in Paris. I didn't know why they do that, I just think it's fishy so I ignored them.
  9. Returning fakes :mad: There's a special place in hell for those people. Though they're pretty strict about returns at LV, I don't think many fakes can get past them. Still it's scary... I would feel bad for the poor woman who buys the fake thinking it's real... FROM THE LV STORE!! :amazed:
  10. I think the last time this was discussed, someone also mentioned that you can be BLACKLISTED if you have a habit of buying and returning LV, in general. Not necessarily fakes, but if like you are indecisive, buy bags, handle them, and return them too many times :hrmm:
  11. I remember the other thread... I think it was said that if you buy, return, buy, return one time too many, you get banned from returning them (not from buying I think). But I wouldn't know personally... :smile:
  12. My friend's brother has a friend that was asked to do this.. when she was in the store trying to buy the bag for them, she was pulled by security into the room, sat down and interogated. Apparently, they had caught the whole exchange on camera, and this was against the policy so they were quite upset about it !

    And from what I understand, blacklisted just means that you can't do returns in a certain time because of excessive returns.
  13. So, in France do they put a limit on all tourists buying bags? If so, how many can you buy?
  14. i have personally experienced being approached by an old innocent-looking Chinese couple near the St-Germain-des-Pres LV boutique. they even showed me their shopping list ("2 colourful Armas and 2 colourful Speedy"). but i've been warned of this gimmick so i just politely said no. i don't think there's actually a purchase limit, but they will start suspecting you if you buy multiples of one item. and repeated returns or exchanges is generally frowned upon.
  15. OMG, it happend to us too in Lafayette, the chinese guy took out a roll of cash and asked us to get him a bag from LV. He was carrying a huge ugly lylon bag which was full of Monogram bags, he pulled the one out that he wanted us to get for him. We just said sorry, we can't and walked off.