Blacklisted by Neiman = Blacklisted by Bergdorf

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  1. I guess this is related to an earlier thread (

    I placed an order today at for these cute Manolo sandals that were 45% off, and it got cancelled immediately. "I'm sorry but we won't be doing business with you."

    I'm already banned for life, and I've got 40 more years of shopping to do! Oh well :shrugs: Just wanted to share, I guess...
  2. Why are you banned?
  3. yeah, what happened?
  4. there must be more to the story than that! please share if you can!
  5. What is a GWP?
  6. Gift With Purchase.

    So you cannot return those items? That makes no sense...:shrugs:
  7. Thanks. Gosh, can't believe I didn't think of that. I get enough of them. LOL.

    So is Neiman's saying that if you return the item, you also have to return the gift? If that is what they expect, or they will terminate their relationship with you, they should clearly state that in the offer of the gift with the purchase.

    I have seen this before at other places like Loehmanns that give bonus points and stuff but it's always made pretty clear to the customer.
  8. ^
    Yep. And I was thinking it was weird how there was no 'warning letter' similar to what another person mentioned about Nordstrom. It's like they snapped when I decided to complain.
  9. I've never heard of a large company doing this before :huh:...
  10. Did you make lots of returns?
  11. I dont think I posted on your other thread, but I remember reading it. And I am completely shocked! I mean the NM thing was a little crazy..but this is seriously ridiculous! How does BG find out about YOU in particular and then not sell to you?!? thats just crazy to me!! I guess everything you have to buy now is gonna be IRL I'm so sorry!!

    :tdown: to NM and BG
  12. ^ I didn't return excessively, especially since I was shopping at for only 3 months. I returned several things because of the condition they were in, or because they sent me the wrong item. But yes, I did return a higher percentage of online purchases vs in store because I hadn't seen it in real life.

    Edit: Thanks, pixiep. Are Bergdorf and NM somewhat the same company? Like Banana Republic + Gap?
  13. Did they actually send you the message "We don't do business with you???":confused1:
    This is seriously such a strange story. To the PP, I believe NM is actually a privately owned company and so basically, they can do whatever they want. Can someone confirm or deny this? I don't know what they're thinking. Ugh. This is such a turn off.
  14. They sure did; I chatted online with a SA at

    And NM + BG are together. "The Neiman Marcus Group also operates the exclusive Bergdorf Goodman specialty retail department stores on Fifth Avenue in New York City" ( They have very similar websites, no?