1. Ugh! ive been starting to get some around my nose & around that area. i tried scrubbing with blackhead cleansers but NONE are working. does anyone know how to cure these blackheads, like product suggestions or anything else, any tip? any suggestions would be great. thanks
  2. I have oily skin and blackheads arent a stranger to me. Weekly exfoliation kinda helps, but honestly, monthly facials done by a professional is the one that really helps to keep those nasty blackheads at bay. The facials do hurt a bit, but I am used to it and is happy with the results.
  3. Hi, I used to have those before but eversince I started using the trinity oil, my blackheads and whiteheads are gone. It works wonder! then I used a cream from my dermatologist which is really good. Now, I've no problem and I seldom use make up anymore. It's just cheap! If you like, I can order you from my dermatologists. ciao bella!:yes:
  4. I often use Biore Nose Strip (Ultra) to remove blackheads.
  5. i bought a box and still havent touched it for fear it might rip off my skin.:wtf: . i'm such a chicken:shame: maybe ill have to dig it up and use it for fear of my nose being taken over my blackheads.

    ive been using scrubs andi feel like that has been working decently.
  6. ^ peel it off slowly!!! it does hurt but you seeeee results. its great stuff
  7. What kind of cream is this? And do you have to use this cream with the trinity oil or you can use them on their own?
  8. I found the same results when I started using Aveda skin oil on my face. The black heads are from the oil ducts being blocked by hardened oils. Saunas are wonderful, too!
  9. You could also try exfoliating and then steam ur face for 10 - 15mins and then gently squeeze ur black heads with ur fingers not ur nails - but if there quite stubborn its best to go to a pro :smile:
  10. I'm very strict with my weekly biore nose strips! Best way to keep the blackheads at bay...worth the little bit of pain when you peel it off...especially when you see all the stuff it pulled out of your pores!
  11. i usually use the Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Mask which basically opens up the pores (doesn't really eliminate). Then after that I use a pore strip. The Blackhead Mask makes it alot easier for the pore stripes to pull the blackheads out. I've seen a definite difference. hope this helps!
  12. thanks everyone:heart: i think im going to try out some bbiore strips
  13. I'm a skin therapist: extractions are the best followed by good skin maintenance!! Definately exfoliate and do not use any occlusive products (look for non-comedogenic products). If you can, try getting facials once a month until you have them under control after that you may be able to control them yourself. However, if you can afford it going to a pro for extractions is always the best bet!
    Oh, do not try to dry out your skin with products in order to get rid of them, you will not get rid of the blackheads this way and you will be doing more damage to your skin. Drink lots & lots of water as well!!!:smile:
  14. what are extractions? can you further explain?
  15. but they can make you go all saggy :sad: as they relax you muscles with long term use