1. Ive developed some blackheads on my nose recently :cry: . I also have sensitive skin, that is prone to break outs, so Im worried about using new products. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in Advance :flowers:
  2. just exfoliate the area before bed everyother should see improvement after a week or so...
  3. The Biore tried and true Pore Strips are great and OK on sensitive skin. Another method, though takes awhile to see results, is good old fashioned hydrogen peroxide applied with a cotton ball after literally bleaches out any blackheads you might have.
  4. but i should tell you the biore makes it worse then when you first start off if you stop...well that is from my experiance and a few of my other friends~
  5. mhmm the biore is what got me to this point :cry: :cry:
    its funny because my skin is in the best shape it has been EVER, but i cant stand to look at my nose :cry:
  6. the body shop has that tea tree oil nose mask, same effect as the biore strips, but cheaper since you get more use of it. well it's basically a gluey paste that dries to a strip that you eventually take off with the black heads.

    another tipp would be aspirin masks. some people mix aspirin powder (or crush the pills) with aloe gel
  7. i use the clarisonic skincare brush with my cleanser everyday and it's eliminated all my blackheads (i had major blackhead issues) :yes: and i haven't had any break outs since i started using it
  8. i use neutrogena products n st ives... they seem to help
  9. i smear a little bit of jurlique moor mud masque on my nose every night before bed and sleep with it like that. i noticed a difference after only like 3 days.
  10. Ulta three carries a product by Queen Helene--a clarifying mask that is green and dissolves blackheads with a few uses. Also, I have majorly sensitive skin, and it does not cause any flare-ups.
  11. asprin masks are can mix the powder with aloe gel, cetaphil, water, any facemask you already own, honey, yogurt, or any combonation of these things. :smile:

    i also second the queen helene. you can get it at the drugstore (rite aide, walgreens, etc) as well as ulta. it's usually on VERY bottom shelf and you have to search for it, but it's there.

    a long hot shower then a once over with the tweezerman skin tool works wonders. as long as you don't try to extract the blackheads that aren't ready you won't hurt your skin. if it doesn't come out right away, move on.

    for me though the only thing that has keeps my blackheads and clogged pores from coming back are alpha hydroxy acids (AHA). right now i'm using DDF 10% tonic but if you have sensitive skin i reccomend starting off with something in the 5% range (DDF makes cleansing pads at this strength). for a week or so your acne will be worse (it's purging all the gunk from your pores) but then your skin will just glow. you have to use a sunscreen though b/c it's exposing new more senstive skin cells.
  12. My esthetician also recommends using a good face wash, something that digs into the oils and dirt that causes blackheads. I have combination skin so I'm using something that is strong enough to get to the clogged pores.
  13. I've been using the BLAKhead Masque to remove my blackheads from my nose & face area. It's been fantastic! I just love the clean feeling after each use. It gives me great satisfaction to see each blackhead pulled out from my skin!

    Many of my friend love this product simply because it works!
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  15. All I have to say is DON'T try to pop it with fingernails... it'll break your skin and scab up. Try all the suggestions that others are posting. Good luck!