blackheads.. help!!

  1. So I have had blackheads for years esp in the tzone areas..

    I feel like i have tried everything and nothing works :sad:

    any suggestions?
  2. thanks for the the tip!! i'm excited to try it.. anyone know why aspirin works though??
  3. aspirin contains salicylic acid which is a leading ingredient in many OTC acne products. It works great for acne/ blackheads, and you can use the scrubby bits from the aspirin to exfoliate
  4. Another way to help with blackheads is to get a facial every couple of months. I have blackheads on my forehead and after the facial the blackheads are mostly gone and each time I get one it gets better and better.
  5. Doctor's Office Glycolic Peels and Microdermabrasion works wonder too :yes:
  6. Get Biore's Pore Strips. I've been using them for years, long before they were introduced to US. Just use max 3 a week. I use 1 in 2 weeks, still works great. They also have strips for forehead, in another packaging.
  7. I've never been able to get Biore's pore strips to do anything more than pull out skin. But I do like Mary Kay's Miracle Set Night Gel- both the day and night lotions are fantastic for your skin anyway, but the night gel really tightens up pores and helps to get rid of blackheads.
  8. facials are great
  9. about blackheads... i can't help but squeeze them especially when
    they are "ripe"... is the right thing to do never touch them .. then what happens
    over time ? do they fall off .. ? how do they then disappear from your face ?
  10. even though you probably aren't supposed to, I just squeeze them when I get out of the shower. the steam opens your pores up
  11. the strips never worked for me!

    and ye i can squeeze some out after the shower .. but of course theres a always a million more :sad:

    .. and about facials.. i know people who get faciasl and their face is soo red for like 3 days.. and uh!

    ive had probably every scrub on the market and all that stuff.. i think i will try the microdermabrasion
  12. I use Mario Badescu Silver Powder as a mask ~once a week. It's not a miracle product, but it helps with the blackheads I get on my nose and chin :tup: