Blackest Black Eyeliner

  1. I've been using Revlon colorstay (the automatic pencil one) and i would say i like how black it is. But since hanging out in here, I began to think maybe i'd try another brand. I tried Urban Decay's pencil eyeliner, and I just love how it glides on so smoothly and seems to stay on the lid (no smears yet), but it's just not black enough for me. It looks more like a dark gray. What can you guys recommend? I want one that's really really black..... preferrably in liquid form?

    thanks :smile:
  2. i use the wax eyeliner from bobbi brown in black...u know the one that comes in a little container and you need the eyeliner brush to apply it..i forgot what it's called....but mac has something similar called FLUIDLINE in black....i prefer the bobbi brown one though...
  3. I use the MAC blacktrack atm...its alright
  4. I LOVE Urban Decay's liquid liner in "soot." It is the only liquid liner I have ever liked. My lashes are light black, so anything that isn't really pigmented looks sort of gray and blah on me. This one is really dark black with a slight shine, and the tip is super easy to control. They changed their packaging recently and gave the colors new names, so I'm not sure if they've changed the formula. I hope not!!!

  5. If you'd like to try another pencil, Makeup Forever makes a great black waterproof pencil that's really black.
  6. i second Make Up For Ever, they make great eyeliner pencils, i just got a set of a bunch of their mini pencils from Sephora.

    L'Oreal HIP cream eyeliners are also great if you want something a bit more dramatic, they last a really long time and have a lot of pigment to them. the eyeliner brush they come with is crap, though, use your own.

    i used the colorstay for a long time, though, it's quite good :smile:
  7. Agree with Amanda--either Make Up Forever for a higher end really deep black eyeliner. Or, L'Oreal HIP for a drugstore brand. Both work great!
  8. I had heard so many great things about Urban Decay liquid liner in the old packaging, but the only one I could I find at Sephora was this:
    [​IMG] It is definitely nice and black, but the brush is way too fat (like a nail polish brush)! I like to add that delicate retro wing, so I have to use a different brush,which is kind of annoying. I will probably just go back to my Rimmel, which has just-satisfactory formula, but a nice, thin paintbrush - unless anybody else here has other recommendations for liquid liner with a thin brush tip?

    Meanwhile, for cream liners, I find Clinique "true black" to be one of their better products I have tried - defintely a nice, lasting, deep black, at a decent price.

  9. I second the Urban Decay eyeliner, it's great.

    You can also try this:

    It is very black, easy to use, and lasts for a long time so I say the price is worth it.

    (Shiseido 'The Makeup' Fine Eyeliner)
  10. unlimitedlou- that's SO frustrating! :sad: Their old brush was extra thin, so they must have changed it. If you can find it in the old packaging SNAG IT! Seriously, it's the best!
  11. thanks for all your suggestions!! i have to decide what to get by tomorrow, since it's the last day for the sephora 20% code!! a lot of you recommended the Urban Decay liquid liner......maybe i'll try that one!
  12. a really inexpensive one is by Sephora - easy to use and comes in some great colors - including black, of course
  13. Definitely Urban Decay's. I've strayed and tried other brands but always find myself going back to UD. In my opinion, UD has staying power while other brands do not. The last thing you want is a smudge or to reapply.
  14. I recommend the Urban Decay eyeliner too, but mine is in the old packaging. I don't like the shape of the new one, so I decided to try out Lancome's Artliner...which is pretty good too, but I still prefer Urban Decay's. I think what bothers me about the Artliner is that the applicator is a thin sponge tip, rather than an actual brush.

    I've also tried the Shiseido eyeliner that priiin posted, but it's not as dark as I would like. It's also difficult to get the right amount of ink on the brush since it's a push top (sometimes not enough ink comes out or too much comes out).
  15. i was going to go with the Urban decay, but decided on the Sephora brand =) just thought i'd try the cheaper one first before moving on to the expensives hehehehe......if this doesn't work out, i'll try the urban decay. it had great reviews on makeup i figured it's worth a shot. thanks everyone!