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  1. #1 Oct 5, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 5, 2010
    This buyer, blackdog123, also known as XXXXXXXX, should be included on any EBay seller's blocked buyer list. USPS tracking number:
    9121 1501 3471 1340 8747 03 will show I did absolutely nothing wrong and there was never a chance to please this woman.
    $200 Gift Card sold to her on 9/5.2010
    EBay sends buyer invoice notification 9/5/2010
    Buyer pays 9/5/2010
    EBay sends buyer tracking information and estimated time of arrival on 9/6/2010(This is the FIRST notification that clearly shows SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION)
    I send personal private message with a thank you and also tracking number and estimated time of arrival on 9/6/2010(SECOND SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION)my email with another thank you at end of message.(This is a customary practice I utilize to assure buyer of my commitment to excellent customer service.)
    Printed PayPal shipping label printed also on 9/6/2010 which automatically sends a notification to buyer (THIRD SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION)
    Receive an email on 9/24/2010 from buyer with:
    "You apparently sent this with signature confirmation. We were then out of the country for work and when we returned, we now see this was delivered Non-deliverable. We need this sent to us asap. blackdog123"
    9/24/2010 I respond with:
    "Hello, I am very sorry to hear about this delay. However, it was necessary to require signature confirmation with this type of auction. It has not been returned as of yet, and as soon as it returns, I will ship if back immediately. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerely, xxxx"
    OK, does this statement sound rude, insulting or mean?
    Her reply on 9/24/2010,"When it returns I want you to please contact me. I will want it to go to different address that someone is there and can sign for it. blackdog123"
    My reply on 9/24/2010, "Hello. Absolutely. My office phone number is (XXX) xxx-xxxx and my email is xxxxxxx@xxx if you need to ask further questions. Thanks again, x"
    Here's when the trouble starts:
    9/28/2010 Her message: "Why don't you do the tracking on it to see where it is? We don't have and never have had it. I would prefer not to void the transaction and get a reimbursement but also don't want to be out of the money. blackdog123"
    9/28/2010 My reply: "Hello. I wanted to get back to you on this situation. I have not received the card back from USPS and just called XXX(gift card company) customer service with the card number and they are stating the card is still valid for $200. I will check my post office box later today, as for my home address, it has still not arrived back. I will keep you posted. Sincerely, xxxxxxx"
    Do you notice how all her coorespondence are VOID ofgreeting / salutation or etiquette? There was nothing I could do to please this infant, as kind and sincere as I was. She had as much information as I did, I just think she either was too lazy or did not posses the knowledge on how to open the links and was blaming me for her lack of intelligence.
    I did receive several other emails since then, all from another email account and not traceable by Ebay. It only got worse and when the letter finally arrived back today, I immediately sent a full refund. Do I get a thank you and sorry for the trouble? NO, I receive a flase negative feedback stating, "Rude, insulting and mean". Am I angry, not really. I know in my heart, I did all I could professionally and with a clean conscience. I gave her the tracking information/with signature requirement notification THREE times and she was still complaining. I highly recommend ANYONE selling on EBay to block this and avoid the nightmare I just went through.
  2. from what you posted she didn't seem to be complaining and instead seemed ok about the whole thing. she simply stated she wasn't there when it was delievered and asked that you send it to another address when it came back so she could sign for it. she didn't even demand a refund from you which most ebay buyers would in a situation like this.
  3. ^^

    I agree with the above poster. She wasn't rude or mean in opinion. She just seemed, nonchalant about the whole situation and clearly, it is difficult to express any kind of "emotion" when communicating through email at times. I understand the transaction didn't go as smooth and negative feedback sucks but we can't always please everyone, unfortunately. :sad:
  4. Um, excuse me OP, but what gives you the right to post someone's full name including user ID on a public forum!? :nono:

    Furthermore, who cares if she utilized a greeting/salutation when messaging you? Some people choose not to, and that is their perogative. So not only do you come on a forum and disclose all this person's info, but you call them an infant? Oh geez!
  5. #5 Oct 5, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2010
    It actually got worse because she was accusing me of NOT informing her of the signature confirmation. I explained kindly that I sent three different notifications that ALL had this information and she kept accusing me of false information in my listing. I had always promised a full refund when it got back, but she continued to blame me for not providing this information, when it was always right there in front of her. I was never rude, insulting or mean in any of my emails and it just goes to show some people are just not happy. Somehow I knew then, she would leave bad feedback and in hindsight, I should have just ignored her emails. She also replied she is a lawyer with 7 years experience and she has much more education than I do. The link she attached was her personal divorce and family law practice, but you can tell someone just pasted this site together and her "education" is of a college at the beach. I do know a prosecutor in her city and will consult him and his wife next weekend on this matter. Perhaps this is a serial trouble maker that I just had the unfortunate luck to run into. She just sent a notification that she will not take away the feedback and I know the truth in the matter, so I can rest easy knowing I did all I could professionally and politely. My feedback speaks for itself and if it's just one very sad, very lonely bad apple in 499, that's not bad at all. Thanks to all for listening.

    ATTENTION: THE OFFENDING EBAY ID is blackdogabc, not blackdog123
  6. I would be very careful posting her eBay ID right away!!
  7. From your (long) first post, are you selling a gift card? I am confused what you want to happen here.:shrugs:
  8. Why was there signature conformation on a gift card worth less than $250? You only need signature conformation on items more than $250.

    She sounds like she rightfully left you a negative because she had a negative experience. How does one not receive an item they pay for and have a positive experience? Plus I have a hard time believing you were as professional and courteous as you made yourself out to be now that your publicly disclosing private business on a forum. Not only that, but your publicly naming her on a very popular forum.:tdown:
  9. #9 Oct 5, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2010
    Thank you for posting Treemeister, I would not want to do business with this type of Buyer either. You did your part very professionally.

    Everyone who disagrees with how Treemeister has handled this situation should first look at the feedback blackdogabc has left on her 2 other sales in the past. Out of 3 purchases 2 of the Seller's got a negative and 1 received a neutral. I would not want to do business with her either. You can't please some people ever. I put her on my do not sell list.
  10. The transaction is OVER - you have your gift card back, she has her money. Why are you contacting attorneys and prosecutors next weekend? That's absolutely RIDICULOUS. You CANNOT file charges or pursue this in court, so why don't you just move on?

    And on that note, I am adding BOTH OF YOU to my list of eBayers to avoid, so thanks for that, at least. Wow.
  11. Why MissMollie would you put this Seller on your do not sell list? She handled herself very professionally.
  12. I'm not trying to be rude, OP, but it sounds to me like you were probably rude to her. I don't really understand why she would feel the need to tell you she is a lawyer or whatever if something rude or threatening wasn't said to her.

    Furthermore, I think it is incredibly rude of you to insinuate that she is not intelligent because her education came from a college that is located near a beach. I didn't realize that, because things didn't go perfectly with your transaction, that this gave you the right to criticize others and tell them that they are stupid because YOU don't approve of the college they went to. That is completely rude and unnecessary.

    And that probably speaks volumes as to how you conducted yourself throughout the transaction.
  13. shoudl we maybe request that the mods change the title of the thread? since the id in the thread is not the one with the problem?
  14. I believe the primary. reason for op post is to warn all of us. Go to and look up the id. I think it would be foolish to send any gift card without signature confirmation. Pay two bucks or lose $200. That's an inexpensive insurance policy and a wise move on the sellers part.
  15. This is not correct. The buyer has left feedback 199 times. Only three were negative (including OP's transaction) and one was neutral.