Tech Blackberry, Regular Phone, iPhone....Advice Needed

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  1. OK, I have been living in the dark ages. I have a pay-as-you-go cell phone because I hardly ever use it. In a couple months, however, I am moving to Miami and my husband is staying here (he'll be flying down several weekends a month). Anyways, a cell phone is going to be essential for us to communicate with one another (I won't be able to dial long distance from work, etc.).
    I currently have an iPod and use it for my music, calendaring, email, etc. I use a Mac as my primary computer and use Safari, iCal, and iMail. I love how everything just syncs so easily.

    Now, I imagine I am going to need a phone that takes/sends/receives pictures to a Verizon phone (or just to email), text messages, emails, etc. I would like to be able to use it for portable emailing/surfing and be able to do my calendaring.

    What is the appeal of Blackberries? Are they any good if you have a Mac and use Apple programs for everything?

    I am contemplating an iPhone (I currently have an iPod touch), but the cost associated with initially purchasing one is slightly turning me off. In addition, some of my research has shown that if I want to use it as an iPod I need to buy an entirely new Bose Sounddock, new car adapter, and new headphones. If I went this way I'd probably give iPod to hubby and have to spend another $300-400 for new accessories to use the iPhone as an iPod.

    OTOH, carrying both an iPod and a phone is slightly annoying. But, the other advantage is that with a Blackberry I could go with Verizon and save money since DH has Verizon.

    Since I'm moving to a large metro area, I don't think I'm that concerned with coverage by the various companies.

    IDK, I'm in a dilemma. What would you do? What are your experiences with Blackberry vs. iPhone? In my situation, what would you recommend?
  2. go for the iphone the quality of the voice is great.Downfall is you can send pictire messeges you have to email them, so on that note i'd go for the blackberry (I think you're abe to do it with the new ones)
  3. I love my blackberry, I have an 8 GB memory card in mine and can listen to music just as easily on my blackberry. I love the email and web features it is truly a workhorse with charm.
  4. I use my Blackberry for everything. I have all my to do lists on there, can easily communicate with DH via e-mail while he's at work, and the camera is excellent for a phone. I love being able to snap pics and upload them right to Facebook. I don't use a Mac, but the appeal to me was the actual keyboard...I just can't do the touch screen thing. You could easily sync your calendar with it and e-mail is a breeze. I'm thinking of upgrading my memory card to hold music, but currently use the Slacker radio app so I'm in no hurry. I haven't carried my iPod with me for weeks. Good luck with whatever you decide on.
  5. Does anyone with a Blackberry use a Mac? Can you sync your iCal, iMail, etc.? Can you use Safari as a browser?

    I really hate Blackberry very windows based?

    Can you use iTunes for music with a Blackberry?
  6. I'm a mac user with an iphone... ical, imail, etc transfers directly over to your iphone. Do you have a mobile me account? its much like syncing to and from a different mac. Its really, really easy. As someone else mentioned above, the only bad part is that you cannot send photo messages; instead you have to email them. But with imail already on your makes it pretty easy.
  7. from what i've been told, the blackberry's desktop software is not compatible with Macs. unless you are using bootcamp on a Mac.

    if you're currently on a regular phone.... why do you feel the need to jump to something like a blackberry or iphone??

    if you want to stick with verizon, why not go with something like the voyager or env2 etc... unless you are absolutely needing to get your email and calendar to your phone... i wouldn't really worry about getting an iphone or blackberry.
  8. Of course you an sync your BB with your Mac:

    I'm not so sure about iTunes and BBs, but I know you can just drag and drop albums/songs through you file manager.

    Honestly, I'd go with a BB, the email, texting and picture msging is better than the iPhone, plus you can hold up to 32gb (via memory cards) of video/music, and you don't have to worry about DRM's and video formats, os you can probably lose your iPod to help with clutter.

    I'd go to the store and try them out..see which one you like best.
  9. I need a better phone because I'll be separated from my husband and want to be able to communicate with him in various forms 24/7. For example, if I see something cool I can snap a picture and send it to him....or I can snap a pic of me and the dog and email it to him.

    Also, I am transitioning to a new job where I will have much more intensive calendaring issues and want to capability to be able to calendar from my phone (and sync to my laptop). In addition, I'll likely be traveling more and want to have internet available at all times.

    I just don't think a regular phone is going to do that for me.

  10. Charles thank you!!! It looks like it can do everything. Do you know (or anyone else) will it look like my Mac programs normally do?

    Can you download apps like you can with an iPhone?

    Do Blackberries have GPS capability like iPhone?

    Blackberries are typically a lot cheaper than the iPhone, right (i.e. phone companies will give tons of rebates, etc.)?

    I don't know if I'd get rid of the iPod, because I like to use it in the car to play music.
  11. I have had both... the iphone is much better.
  12. I love my blackberry. Cant help too much about Mac as I dont use it. But I like how easy it is to take pics and send it either via email, mms or to a bb contact on my messenger. You can download apps - there is a google maps application for bb. For me the reason I didnt go with the iphone is mainly because I get frustrated with a touch screen after a while and need an actual keypad.
  13. Since you are going to use your phone primarily to talk with your DH, I would suggest that you do a family plan. That way all the time you talk to him does not go against your minutes. You could get an iphone which does meet your needs and sync perfectly with your mac. even though your husband has verizon, when he signs up he could just get any of the free phones ATT offers with sign up. The friends/family plan is or was only an additional $9. as for accessories, just google the things you want and you will find them offered for much less than buying at apple/ATT store. iphone has a pretty decent camera and photos taken with it can be emailed.
  14. -That I'm not sure of. Onbviously the same menu structure and basic layout should be consistent with Leopard or OSX. Perhaps they have screenshots on their site??


    -BBs do have GPS in some models

    -I'm not sure, the iPhone is a good deal now. 200 bucks (for new subscribers) for 8gb and 300 for 16gb. Obvs, if you go with the iPhone, you'll need to switch to AT&T, so google AT&T premier enter your work or univ email and see if you're eligible for discounts (hardware and phone plans). From there you can see which phone would be the better deal for you.

    -Do you have an iPod interface for your car or just use a tape connection? I still have a tape deck in my dash radio, so I plug my Tilt in that way and I can not only listen to MP3's, but listen to Pandora and streaming internet music. OF course, if you do get the iPhone, it should plug right up to your iPod interface (if that's what you use currently) and have the same ability.
  15. My BB has GPS and great maps. Last time I was in Houston, I just typed in the store I was looking for and it gave me the closest one to me and a map. I LOVE my BB.

    I have the 8830 World Edition (because I was going to be using overseas sometimes) so I don't have a camera in it, but I use it for email and everything. How did we ever live without them? LOL!