Tech Blackberry question..

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  1. I have a question for blackberry users.. I'm terrible at phones so forgive me if this is a stupid question.

    I have tmobile and want to use an unlocked bb bold. I will also be in London this summer for three months. Can I use my bb and just buy a sim card that works in london? use my regular simcard? or do I have to rent a cell phone over there?

    Also, I currently use a tmobile sidekick.. how do I transfer my phone numbers, if I can at all?

    any help would be appreciated! :smile:
  2. Your question seems pretty technical to me. If you don't get any answers here you may want to try the site as they are seriously in to BB's!
  3. If the Bold is unlocked, you can buy a SIM overseas and use it. If not, then call T-mo and tell them you'll be going overseas and they should give you the unlock code.

    As for your number for the Sidekick, just call T-mo and ask them to transfer it over.

  4. thanks. I did a search on and it was intimidating, LOL!

  5. thanks!
  6. My BB is an 8830 World Edition and I have Sprint so all I had to do was call Sprint and tell them where I was going to be and it worked great over there as a phone and for texting and email - except the clock never reset, but that was no biggie.
  7. ^^I have an 8820. LOVE my phone!

    OP-like others have said, you should be able to call your provider and tell them you will be going overseas, they will help you.
  8. When I bought mine, I knew I would need to use it overseas and I was told none of the other blackberrys would work - that I would have to rent one unless I bought the world edition. Of course since then I have a sneaking suspicion that they were "selling" me or that they just didn't know what they were talking about because I was a lot of Americans with other BBs and they were using them.

    I am anxious to know what you find out.
  9. does the bold come in world edition?

  10. I'll let you know as soon as I do :yes:

  11. A lot of the blackberries I saw one ebay were global editions. I think you just need to find an unlocked one and you'll be good. But I have not gone overseas so I won't know until I get there.

    I just bought my Bold and I am HOOKED!