Blackberry Pearl!!!!

  1. Well, at age 14, I am the only person in my high school, and the only person above age 10 (besides my brother :p) without a cell phone. But we found a family plan for two free blackberry pearls with a two year contract including the blackberry internet plan with t-mobile. So we got it!! I should be getting the phone in about a week in the mail, and I am SO EXCITED.
    Does anyone here have a blackberry pearl? Any advice/things I should know?
  2. I have a pearl, love it! Had it since last xmas. I'm getting the blackberry curve next Monday! Can't wait! But anyways, you can find out everything about the pearl on
  3. Thanks for the info!
  4. I just got the curve last Thursday and I absolutely LOVE it.
  5. I have had a Blackberry Pearl for about 5 months now and have no complaints.