Blackberry Pearl or Palm Treo??

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  1. I need a new cell phone and am considering a blackberry pearl or a palm treo (i have to stay w/ sprint due to my husband's business so no iphone) any one have a reccomendation?
  2. TREO.

    I had it for YEARS, DH had a blackberry, but now we are iphone lovers. Since you can't get the iphone, get the Treo. YOU WILL LOVE IT!!

    (Secretly though, I think the Treo might be better than the iphone!)
  3. Blackberry!!! I love mine to death! I wish I had gotten an iPhone thought cuz now i need a new iPod and could've killed 2 nirds with one purchase LOLz
  4. Blackberry's have all those extra costs for the e-mail service and stuff. Get the Treo. People complain about the Palm OS, but I don't have a problem with it. Palm makes some Windows based Treo's as well.

    I have the new Palm Centro and love love love it! When people see all of my phones' features they always want to steal it from me, lol.

    In the end it comes down to ease of use and how all the features apply to your life. There are blogs for the Treo and Blackberry that compare the two. After doing a lot of research, I chose the Palm.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to pm me if you want more info.
  5. I absolutely adore my Treo. Treo all the way!
  6. I have a Treo too! It's an ooooold one (like 600 or 650 :blink:smile:, but I love it to death. I keep looking at new phones, but I can't bring myself to part with it!:shame:
  7. I have Blackberry Pearl, now that I know how to use it I love it!!
  8. I have Palm Treo 755p and I love it.
  9. never used a treo so can't comment, but i have a blackberry pearl which I love :heart:
  10. I got a BB Pearl a week ago and I love it.
  11. What about these?



    HTC makes great phones.
  12. treo
  13. I've had Treos and I've had Blackberries. Currently, I'm using the Blackberry Pearl. Love it.
  14. I have a iphone but I think that both your choices are great!
  15. I have a treo but am thinking about getting the pearl or iphone.