Blackberry Owners...After I Rated It So Highly...Mine Died!!

  1. Okay, so you remember (some of you) I got the Blackberry Pearl, Ruby, in Oct. So, the phone is not even 3 months old!! I am so sad:crybaby:...I love, love, love my pearl. And now she is dead. :wtf: Dead. Well, not exactly dead, but what techies call...Nuked. She is in a mode of constant reboot. All I see is a white screen with a hourglass flash on and off. I did nothing to the phone. It was fine when I went to bed last night and then when I woke up it was all screwed up. Anybody else have any problem like this with any of their bb's?

    I called customer service and went through the whole thing with them and they are sending me out a new phone but still.... so frustrating!!!:cursing::cursing:
  2. Oh no!! I just ordered mine yesterday. But I talked to a rep at the store. He said they hadn't had any come back defective. So I don't think it's common. At least they are sending you a new one.
  3. sometimes one of the bunch doesn't work.. after having mine for over a year.. the trackball stopped working ..i *****ed and they sent me a new one for free =]
  4. Yikes I would be devistated if this happened to mine...Did you have insurance on yours? AT&T didnt have it for the Blackberry because there to expensive to replace.
  5. ^^No, I don't have the insurance on it. But it was under warranty for one year and it was a "phone" problem so they are going to replace it.
  6. Also, I read on that you can do a re-installation of the hardware if this happens, however you need to do it from a pc and I have a mac. And the T-mobile store said they don't have any tech's there, they are just a store. I was like, huh?????
  7. Traci - make sure they send you an absolute brand new one and not a refurb one!!
  8. Thats a bummer. Im glad you had no problems asking for a new one though. Ive been wanting a Blackberry Pearl for so long now and I might get one in a few weeks!!!
  9. Traci - I'm sorry to hear about your Blackberry. I'm an electronics addict and have noticed two disturbing trends with PDAs, phones and other electronics. First, these items no longer appear to be made to last a long time but are practically disposable; nothing like the old rotary-dial phone that my grandmother had for over 30 years! Second, I've noticed a reduction in warranty periods for a lot of this equipment from 5 years to 3 years to 1 year and in some cases, only 90 days! It is worrisome considering how much $$ these items cost. So, definitely try to get a brand-new replacement Blackberry, make sure you get another warranty for at least one year, and give it lots of TLC to make it last. Good luck!
  10. Sorry this happened to you, I never had any bother with mine, thankfully.
  11. Yikes! I hope this was just a fluke. I just purchased my pearl 2 weeks ago and love it! Make sure that your replacement is a brand new pearl and not a refurbished one. Good luck!
  12. Self-described tech dummy here can you tell if a phone is a refurbished one and not new?
  13. I think you can tell the difference between new & refurbished by the warranty that comes with it. The new unit should have a one-year warranty, but the refurbished one may only have a 90-day warranty because it is not "new" equipment - they may then try to sell you a service contract for the refurbished unit - I'd refuse and demand a new one with full warranty.
  14. Thanks guys!! I hope I won't have any problem with the new one!! I have only been without it one day and I am going through withdrawls!!! I mean it...I need to get my email in my hand immediately or I think I might start convulsing!! LOL!!!!

    They really are addicting!
  15. that sucks...
    I'm on my 3rd blackberry curve cause there always seems to be something wrong. My first one, the caller ID wouldnt work even for the names i already have on my phone list so i never know whos calling. Then the second one, would automatically turn off whenever it feels like it. I wouldnt look at my phone for a whole day and when i do it was turned off.. what a piss off. The phones arrive pretty fast though, a couple days. I'm glad they were so good with replacing the defective ones. But they sure make you try everything to fix it first.