Blackberry or Iphone?

  1. I am going to splash out as I am nearing my end of tour serving overseas yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

    Which do you think is better, the Iphone or the Blackberry?

    Please bear in mind that I will probably be travelling again in afew months, in countries where there is very poor communications.

    Many thanks for your thoughts on this one, I want to make sure I am not buying it for the hype, I really want to hear from actual users about how useful they are finding it.
  2. i say the blackberry. get the curve!
  3. i'm a mac lover so i'm biased LOL
    iphone :yes:
  4. Which Blackberry? What phone co. would you get a BB with? What would you mainly be using your smartphone for?
  5. I've got an imate K-Jam and I really like it...easy to navigate, quick web access...

    I'd go for the Iphone...
  6. Travelling? Will you be using prepaid SIM cards? If that's the case, you'll need a GSM phone...and have it unlocked. The iPhone can't currently do this, so if you go outside the US, you'll be paying roaming and international charges with the iPhone.
  7. I have an iPhone and a Blackberry Curve. Honestly, the iPhone isn't that spectacular. It looks very cool, very thin and has some nice features but it's not a practical phone for if you have to travel a lot. It is a very delicate phone IMO which I tend to stay away from if I'm traveling a lot. I use the Blackberry more for work just because I am used to the keyboard. I don't like typing on the iPhone because there aren't any keys, obviously. When I am traveling I don't bring my iPhone because it's quite expensive so I don't want to lose it or anything. The Blackberry is much more sturdy IMO. (although a bit pricy as well, cheaper than the iPhone by a few $$$! :smile: )

    Both phones are great! The main difference for me is the keyboards. I would choose the Blackberry if you will use your phone a lot to browse internet, text, use as a planner, etc. because the QWERTY keyboard is much easier to use than the iPhone's touch screen.
  8. I prefer my iphone over the blackberry!
  9. I'd vote against the Iphone. First generation technology is always iffy and it doesn't sound like you'll have the nearest apple store to run to if something goes wrong. ;) If you decide for the iPhone, I would give it at least a year.
  10. The iPhone looks cool but remember it is still a first generation and there are still glitches that Apple is working out.

    The new Blackberry 8800 (I think) is worldwide and the internet is REALLY fast. If you're traveling and thinking of using your phone for everything from calls to emails etc, I'd get the blackberry. It has already proven to be a really good choice.

    :smile: Just my 2 cents.
  11. If you're serious about your phone and you need to use it for business, get the new Blackberry. The iphone is still pretty new and I don't think it can do as much for a business person as the BB. In fact, I see the iphone mainly as a "luxury" and fun phone...
  12. BlackBerry!! Nothing can beat it's email n messaging. Especially if you travel quite often..n for business use.

    iphone looks nice....but get something more practical for your use.

  13. I have the blackberry pearl and it is very easy to use and small so i can put it in my pocket when i need to. no iphone for me for awhile
  14. save your money and get the blackberry! I love mac to deaaaath but its just not worth it atleast not now.. you should wait until it fixes allt he bugs and i hear the servers really slow since at&t's was not made to accommodate a phonet hat was made to go so fast.
  15. blackberry for the win every time! i'm on my 3rd and i have the pearl which i just adore!!!