blackberry help

  1. I downloaded a ringtone from tzones (T-mobile is my carrier) on my blackberry, but when i set it as a ringtone it only plays about 4 seconds of the song and then repeats. I know usually ringtones play about 20 or so seconds of a song.

    How can I fix this??
    Please help me out!
  2. Hmm. IDk my bb carrier is at&t. Maybe call customer service. The download could've been interupeted maybe.
  3. i think it may just be the way it is.....there really is no way of fixing it but yeah i would call tmobile and ask. I don't buy ringtones i just download them from my computer to my bb and voila!
  4. there is no fix, that is all that was uploaded so that is all you're going to download,
    its meant to just replay each time the phone rings.