Blackberry Email question

  1. Hey all. I just got a new black berry world edition phone and have a question about their email functions.

    I've only added one email to my phone right now through my work outlook but I also have a personal email account that I wanted to hook up to my phone as well. Would I be able to "add another email" or would I have to actually go into my work outlook and add the email onto that outlook and both emails from one outlook could go into my phone?
  2. Hi, you can add another personal email like a yahoo or gmail account onto your blackberry separately from your work outlook box using the "device setup" wizard. Your personal account that you'll set up through the wizard will give you a separate folder, but the annoying thing with BB is that EVERY message regardless if it's personal email, text message, or work email all gets lumped into the main "messages" folder. I'm on the crackberry forums too and learned about a company that gives you a downloadable tool to separate your work emails out. I have no affliation with this site, but I use the product and think it's great. It's cheap too, check out:

    Unfortunately, text messages still get dumped into the "messages" box. I hope BB can figure out a way to separate everything into separate boxes. I hope this all makes sense!

  3. Awesome!

    Thanks!! I guess I could just separately add my personal account? Then why when I go onto the desktop device manager they ask me to plug in my outlook before I can "make a profile"? If my blackberry is connected to my work outlook I could just add any additional emails?

    Wow! I really gotta read up on this manual...... :|
  4. ^^You can separate the messages. You have to go into the email folder. Click the menu, click options, click general options, then at the bottom of the page it says: Sms and Email inboxes...You can select "seperate" and it will put a seperate folder just for text messages on your desktop.

    Also, if you don't want blackberry messenger messages showing up in your email folder then you go into that program, click options, and select, DO NOT show in messages folder.

    And, the phone will give you a mail folder for each email that you set don't need to use those, you can just use the MAIN email folder as long as you have separated the text messages into their own folder.

    For any icons you don't can highlight the icon, select menu, select Hide, then you can even have all the "hidden" icons not on your desktop by selecting the "show all" from the menu.