Blackberry Curve at Verizon??

  1. Does anybody know if Verizon will be getting the Blackberry Curve? I keep hearing rumors, but can't get a real answer. If anyone has heard that they are, when can we expect Verizon to have it. TIA!!
  2. No one seems to know *for sure* but there are some hot and heavy rumors late March/early April timeframe.
  3. omg they need to hurry! :yahoo: my piece of sh*t razr is on its last heartbeat! i can't wait to throw it against a brick wall lol

    my contract is up and i've been dying for a BB
  4. ^ My razor too. I can actually upgrade and my contract is over soon, but I don't like the phones that are available at a low cost/free. I don't want to do a blackberry or smart phone either, but it seems like those are the only decent options w/ using upgrade credit and the advanced device credit. It really kind of stinks! The upgrade availability used to be a lot better, IMO.
  5. Doesn't matter if they offer it. BB offers the Curve in CDMA versions (the cellular protocol that Verizon uses). Just buy one off eBay or any other retailer, take it to your local Verizon store and have them activate it.
  6. wow. didn't know that. thanks for the info charles!
  7. No not right now they don't. Sprint, Verizon, et al are still waiting for the Curve. There is no FCC approval for a CDMA Curve on record as of a couple days ago. I frequent several cellphone and BB forums and there is speculation that it is either coming out in April or May now. I've been eligible for NE2 for over 2 weeks now and I am waffling between getting a Pearl or waiting it out to see if the Curve arrives in April.
  8. Oh god i hope they have this phone. I have been lusting over it for weeks now.
  9.'re right. I was getting that mixed up with the 8830 (they look very similar). I think the only diff between the Curve and the 8830 (aside from some minor form factor differences) is the 8830 doesn't have a cam. Yeah?

  10. yup you're right i've been googling this for the past several weeks and all the forums say the same thing
  11. The cam is the main difference. There are some other operational differences (browser and such) that also make the Curve sound more appealing. Oh and the 8830 is a World phone and the Curve will not be.

  12. me and you both! my contract with the phone is up and I want a blackberry.
  13. The Treo 800 should be out around May as well
  14. I've been eligible for an upgrade since Mar 9th. I've been waiting on info for the Curve in my decision to get a Pearl or Curve... what to do? :confused1: