Blackberry case

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  1. Wow am I excited, hooray! finally mulberry for blackberries :smile:

    Has anyone got one yet?

    and do we think they will do them in new colours?

  2. Ohhh yay, i just got the Blackberry Bold, and was thinking the other day, why don't Mulberry start doing cases for Blackberries aswell as Iphone, because id considering buying one..this is amazeee news..thanks Jane :smile:
    Where did you hear this? can't wait to see them. x
  3. I hope they do more colours too...with them having a 'smartphones' section, I would hope they do :smile: !!
  4. Have to admit, I wouldn't buy this unless they did something funky or MULBERRY-like with it. This looks exactly like the case I got with my blackberry for free -- or worked in with the price, whatever -- and I don't even use it. I have one of those rubbery cases that will (hopefully!) protect my phone if I were to drop it.

    I much prefer the idea of the messengers they've done for the iPhones.
  5. i spotted these the other day and agree that they look too much like the blackberry branded ones which come for free in order to justify buying one. also i don't think the website specifies if they do the thing that blackberry ones do which switches off the screen without locking it? that didn't make much sense, but i'm new to blackberries still (i've got a company blackberry, but an iphone as my personal phone).

    so yeah, like the idea but at the moment it's not very unique/obvious.
  6. mmm agreed ditzyfordaria and marmyte! need some more funky colour and more info on what the case actually does, marmyte, i wouldnt imagine it would lock the phone etc as it says it it suitable for nokias etc too...shame!
  7. I saw one the other day and I really like it, I plan to get one this week. & they do lock your BB when you slide it in the case. They've got new designs out now too, I saw one with a cute little silver catch that sort of closed over the top of one of the cases, think that's what Im going to buy!!! ;)