Blackberry advice

  1. its about the time for me to upgrade my phone (i'm on i know lol). i'm thinking about the blackberry 8830 (the world edition or something like that) and the blackberry pearl. the thing is, i work mostly outdoors. would it be bad judgement to get a blackberry? my current phone stays in my pocket for most of the work day and i am pretty good about not letting it drop outside. any advice would be lovely :smile: TIA!!
  2. Good thread Caley! We went to all the carriers the last 2 days to figure out what we're doing. I am looking at the Curve and the Iphone. I need help too! LOL
  3. I just got the Blackerry Pearl a couple of days ago. I like it so far, but it really bugs me that the manual is NOT helpful at all, luckily I've been able to find help online. I was somewhat worried about scrathing it up and it did come with a black case. I'm still learning more about the phone as I go.
  4. I have the curve and it's AMAZING!!! (through AT&T but service through T-Mobile, i got it unlocked) I'm not a fan of the pearl.
    The curve has so many awesome features and it's GPS ready which is exactly what i needed! The camera is really good as well, and i love the full keyboard.
  5. I just got the 8830 w/Verizon 2 days ago. I like it so far, there is a ton to learn as it can pretty much do everything, so I am self teaching at the Blackberry website, a little at a time. I got it so I could get my work e-mail when I am goofing off and not in the office, it really helps my scamability..
  6. I switched from the sidekick 3 on t-mobile to Verizon's 8830 Blackberry. A website called blackberry forums has helped me a whole lot, the people there answer any questions you have. I haven't been able to figure out any of the info from the BB CD, but it's okay without it. It's really a great phone, I needed to have a full keyboard, so I couldn't go with the pearl. I tried the curve (cos its not available @ Verizon) at T-Mobile before I left, and it may have just been the demo phone, but the keyboard seemed creaky to me. The 8830 doesn't have a camera like the curve or the pearl, but I don't miss it that much. It's super easy to download music ringtones directly to your phone, and there are a bunch of websites that let you get clips from your own songs to make into ringtones.

    It's a blackberry so email is excellent on it, you get emails as soon as they're sent. Web is decent, and a bunch of sites like msnbc are on mobile versions.

    Another thing people are worried about when they get the 8830 is the keyboard. It is a little bit annoying at first, but after about a week, I had gotten used to the keys being close together.

    I'm really glad I got the phone and hope this helps you make a decision!!
  7. Just be careful if you keep your blackberry in your pocket, as it will cause the pearl ball to attract lots of lint and you'll need to clean it.
  8. Recently I upgraded to the Blackberry 8830 and I love it - I didn't go with the Pearl because I wanted a full keyboard as someone else stated. I use Microsoft Outlook so I can synchronize my Contacts, Calender, etc. This blackberry also accepts a media card for additional storage of video, pictures , and music on your phone.
  9. Have you looked at the Palm Centro?
  10. I have the curve and I absolutely LOVE it!!