Blackberries (phone)

  1. Hey you guys.

    I am really in need of a PDA phone right now. I was looking into a blackberry and I have a quick question. I use cingular and am part of a family plan. Can i still buy the blackberry phone and use the family plan on it?

    I dont have to switch plans right?
  2. Darn.
  3. you just add a blackberry plan to your specific line
  4. I have a treo and cingular and you don't need the pda plan. They have no way of knowing what phone you're actually using, so if you're on the right level of medianet it should work fine.
  5. I have Cingular and just got the Palm Trio its really great and does as much as a blackberry plus it has a camera!
  6. Thanks people. I think me and my brother will go into cingular tomorrow!
  7. Through T-mobile the Blackberry phone has an option where you can add the blackberry feature for 19.99 a month and that allows unlimited access to 10 email accounts and internet access straight from the phone. Other companies may have different policies but if you go for T-mobile that's the scoop.
  8. ^ thanks girl!