Black Zip Clutch

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  1. Do they even make this anymore? I want a basic black quilted ZC- not patchwork, soft calf, etc...but something to match my quilted MP or Alyona. Also, I want it to have gold hardware, and preferably on sale also! lol. Anyone seen one recently? Where should I look?

  2. Check Neiman Marcus-- they have a 2 for 2 sale in store. Just get another friend to buy along with you. I saw a black zip clutch. I just don't remember if it was quilted or patchwork as I was looking for something in color. Might be worth calling them.
  3. I think they will take away $200 discount when you return one bag... in other words, you still get $200 off one bag!

  4. I saw a black ZC at Nordstroms in OakBrook last week - I know they had a soft calf one, and I THINK they may have had a quilted one, but I could be wrong
  5. shows a quilted black ZC w/gold hardware as part of the s/s 08 line, which means that you can probably get one directly from MJ -- the price on diabro is ridiculous (I thought they offered a VAT reduction, but it doesn't look like it) -- that might be the way to go

  6. i love that color. i'm debating whether or not to get rid of my fall 07 grey to get this one. i'd say the bloomingdale's picture is a pretty accurate representation. spring 08 grey is like graphite and definitely does not look almost black. spring 08 navy does however.
  7. this is the Dark Grey I saw that I thought looks more black than grey -- I wonder if the smoother leather looks darker than the quilted leather?

  8. ^ it might. for a contrasting effect and it certainly looks nice, but the quilting is definitely lighter than that. and, for once, the quilting is super soft!
  9. What a great idea to get rid of your Fall 07 grey one! :graucho: The Spring 08 dark grey is a good replacement (hehe, of course, this is a VERY biased opinion)