Black Zip Clutch w/ Silver HW

Frances Bean

Nov 13, 2006
is on eluxury. I know a few of the ladies here have been looking. I would have grabbed one up for myself but I splurged on a lrg gucci wallet a few months ago. I called to confirm it really was silver hardware and not a mistake. Enjoy!
Wow those are hard to find now!! I hope a pf'r sees this!! I was lucky to get one on ebay/new w/ tags a few months back..But if I didn't..I'd snatch this up in a heartbeat..I haven't seen one since..(That's authentic anyways!)
:heart: Emmy
That's the link, yes, but I didn't order it. I called eluxury and asked a rep if the black zip clutch really has silver hardware, and it wasn't a mistake and she said yes.

I am guessing that Customer Service Representative bases his/her answer on picture/description on their site. I can be wrong of course. =)