Black zip clutch w/silver hardware? Anywhere???

  1. I called Stella at the MJ LA store and she said they don't have ANY and the best bet would be a department store. I know I will have to pay full price and at this point, I am okay with that.

    Has anyone seen this elusive zip clutch? *fingers crossed*

    Thank you! :smile:
  2. Ya'll can disregard. I think I'm gonna go with a different color!
  3. I'm sorry you weren't able to find what you wanted. What color are you considering now?
  4. Thanks Melly! It's okay. I actually already have a black signature Coach wallet, so I think that just means I should get a fun color!

    Stella has the zip clutch in Washed Rose or Peacock Blue. I actually love both colors (I've been drooling over pictures of Washed Rose bags on here!) but I don't know. Does it even matter if the wallet matches my bags? I have these colors of bags:
    -Maroon (but I have a Maroon zc)
    -Sap Green
    -Cherry Blossom

    Any thoughts? :smile:
  5. Washed Rose is such a beautiful color..goodluck!!!!
  6. Dawn..The SA in Tx Neimans called me last month to tell me she finally found one..I asked her when I bought my purse last fall..I'm going to call her next week you want me to ask her if it's still (miraculously) availabe?