Black Ziggy Hobo Reveal!

  1. Hope the pics turn out OK!

    I love the bag, the leather is in really awesome, so smooth and smooshy! I don't know if I want to keep this though, but I can't return it anyway. But since there don't seem to be many Ziggy pictures I thought I'd post some here!

  2. Thanks for the photos.. I've been thinking about getting one of these in green but wasn't sure what it looked like in person. Let me know if you're happy with it, and also, if you're not too shy, a modeling pic would be awesome :smile: Ps. What I like about this bag is that a matching wallet is available. Big plus.
  3. No problem, I fully intend to take modelling pics! :smile: I think it's a great bag, for me it's a tad too small, otherwise I'd keep it happily. I really love the quality of the leather though, it's very soft and smooth and squishy. I hope my pics helped!
  4. Botkier leathers are great, aren't they?? :biggrin: Hmm, I'm not too familiar with the size of the Ziggy, is it really that small? Man, the pictures certainly are deceiving, as it always looks so large in pics... Thanks for sharing!
  5. yay, can't wait!
  6. no its not small! i guess the ziggy comes in different sizes, but mine was the big/normal large size, and i believe the stated dimensions on the website were 14.5in by 13in by 5 thats enough to put at least a magazine in! its just that for me, i have a 12 by 9in file i carry everywhere with me, and while the space inside the bag is good for that, the opening is only 9in long, so i have to sort of manuever my file when it's inside, you know like put it in vertically and once it's inside it manuever it so it's lying horizontal. im not sure if this makes it clear, but i hope the pics sort of help. its like the opening of the bag is narrower than the width of the bag itself. it may or may not be a good thing (things dont spill out etc) but for me i find it's a tight fit to get my plastic file thats what i meant by 'too small'.
  7. Oh, I see! Yeah, I get what you mean by what you said about the small opening. It definitely can take some getting used to with bags that have small openings! The small openings sometimes make you feel like you can't fit as much in your bag as it can actually hold, which is definitely something I've experienced with my RM Matinee.
  8. I was so tempted to get this bag for the past month or two. It was the opening of the bag that deterred me, I'm too lazy to work with the lock first & then the zipper. Otherwise, it's a beautiful bag & the leather is TDF.

    Thanks for the pics musical.
  9. I love Botkier, I'm waiting for a delivery any day now! Congrats!