Black Work with GGH or RH? HELP!

  1. Please help me decide on which one to get.. the work in black with gold giant hardware or regular hardware? I like both but the giant gold hardware seems to be too striking on the black leather don't you think? And does anyone knows if the GH is part of the permanent collection or just seasonal? Thanks a lot guys...
  2. I vote for the GGH simply coz of the proportions of the work, the GGH will look great on it and makes it stand out! RH kinda disappears on the work (to me anyway!)... at the moment it seems like its permanent... the GH I mean... but maybe someone else can chime in?...

    good luck with your decision!
  3. How about a black work with Silver GH? IMO black looks better with silver than gold :yes:
  4. Spice it up with GH!
  5. i prefer the RH....
  6. I like all, but I think a black work in RH would be such a "go to" classic..... I think I personally prefer the SGH on black over the GH, but it depends on if you are more of a silver or gold person.... Good luck!
  7. I agree with erica1451, I think the silver giant hardwear looks better with black.
  8. Something to consider....the weight. GH does put some weight on the bag. I was considering...a vert fonce w SGH. Kim the SA at BALNY discouraged it with the weight issue. :shrugs:
  9. I like the work better with rh. Plus, the black with the regular brss hardware is so motocycle chic classic - its my favorite hardware choice for black bbags.
  10. I don't like GH at all, so I'd say RH. I have a Black Work with RH and love it to death. I think it's soooo cool:supacool:

    GH seems to be staying for now, but you never know....I don't think it'll stand up to the test of time(personally), and like blessings said, weight is something to consider. But go with what you love the most!

    Good luck on your decision!
  11. Imo, black work with GH is a bit too "rock n roll". Besides, why be dictated by the metal hardware? Unless you wear a lot of gold jewelry.

    I prefer the RH. I'm thinking of getting myself one too for work. Good luck!
  12. If you are using it for work, with work attire, I love how the GH dresses it up. I like the RH for a more casual look. Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be gorgeous!! Be sure to post pictures!! ;)
  13. Thank you everyone. I saw one with GH on for just $1302 when it should be $1725 in BalNY. Is that site legit?