Black work with GGH at 08 or 09?

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  1. Ladies,
    I am not sure of the year and leather type of this bag, does anyone know what it would be?
    I assume it's not 07 from what I read about it being so rare.
  2. Call the 1-800# and ask for Camille, she has checked tags for me before.
  3. Thanks BT, why didn't I think of that! duh....
  4. *sigh*, for sure it is not 07!
    one good thing about, you can return for a full refund to your CC (tho you have to pay shipping of course...), as opposed to Bal stores where you can only return for store credit or exchange....
  5. Why am I even looking Leslie is the question!!!! haha
  6. It's F/W 09 at