Black Work (RH)

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  1. Hi ladies,

    has any one of you seen a Black Work either at a consignment store, on fleabay or a store that ships to Australia?:yes:

    I'm still dreaming of an '05 but am also looking for newer ones!:heart:

  2. This search is turning out to be so much harder than I expected!:upsidedown:
  3. lol.. sorry i can't help out~ i'm looking for a Black (eithe work/city) as well ('07).. but i'm worried about purchasing it before seeing it, esp. since it's black. I was lucky with my VD city from AR.
  4. Good luck to you, too, Fashion1sta!:yes::heart:

    The stores I know are

    Hope you find one soon!:tup:
  5. ^ Thanks for the list, Marie. I have an 05 Black Work, and I adore it to bits. Will keep a lookout for you. G'luck! :flowers:
  6. Thank you, Nymph! :tender: I will keep a look out for a Black WE for you, too! There are a few on the bay- did you see them?

    HTH and thanks again!:yes::heart:
  7. Good luck with your search, MarieG! Maybe AR will get more stocks in? I was lucky enough to snag one from Bluefly! It's an 08 and the leather is TDF!!
  8. Thank you, Chinkee21!:tender: I'll try AR soon I think! Thanks for the tip and congrats on your new Work!:yes::heart:
  9. NM in paramus NJ had one last night!!!!
  10. THank you Marie! I hope you get to find your '05 work and many more lol!
  11. Don't know if they will ship to you, sorry? but there was a black work RH at the Saks in San Antonio Tx and in Naples Florida a few days ago when I called. I have no idea what the leather looks like.
  12. The leather was VERY veiny. Not sure if that's what you want. Just thought I'd throw that in. Just got back from there.
  13. Thank you so much for your responses, Mustlovecatz, Fashion Cult (I saw that one, too, but it looks so faded- thanks though :smile:), Fashion1sta, Imonpurseblog and Z&J (thanks for letting me know- I'm definitely not after very veiny!)!:tender::heart:
  14. No help but wanted to say that pic of you is STUNNING.