Black work 1250 BIN-elizabeth*thomas

  1. too big for me, but fantastic for someone else!
  2. That's what I am wishing for, but the leather looks a little shiny, no?
  3. if its a 05' black........
  4. wow, someone's gotta get this bag, i've got a s/s '06 black work & the leather is amazing (totally soft & smooshy) :tender:
  5. This seller is really sweet and reliable too. Highly recommended!
  6. ^^I second that. She's honest and super-nice!
  7. I would totally buy it but I don't have the funds right now.....I just keep telling month!!!!:crybaby: ;)

    Good Luck to the happy bidder.
  8. gosh, i just had to revive this thread, because this bag is too good to miss :yes:...i've got the same exact one, from s/s '06 & i promise you girls, it's the softest, smooshiest leather i've ever felt :heart:...i know, i know, i'm usually the "shiny, veiny" lovin' b-bag gal...but this bag isn't shiny or veiny at all, just smooth, smooshy & soft :tender:
  9. Looks really nice! It's still brand new, how come she's selling her already?
  10. she's wonderful!!!!!!!