Black with GGH or GSH?

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  1. Hello all!
    What do you think is the hotter?
    Black with Giant Gold or Silver hardware?
  2. I prefer the Silver hardware, but I'm into my white gold too so maybe im "racist" :smile:

    1000 POST PEOPLE!! YAY! :party:
  3. With black I always prefer's a gorgeous combo.
  4. hmmm with black I prefer the GGH... take a look at Fergies! totally fab!
  5. SGH! I :heart: black with silver
  6. I just got black with GGH and I love it! Silver is great to, but I think the gold stands out more.
  7. Gold for me! But i love to be out there just a little bit!
  8. I like it in Gold better.
  9. I like them BOTH which is why I am in the boat I'm in!!! I can never decide. I find the gold more dressy and classic and the silver is more modern and edgy, but, that's just me. I am DYING for a wrinkled black work w/ GSH!! :yes:

  10. Couldnt agree more with this statement! I personally prefer black with SGH because that's way more my style but every once in a while I'll be wearing something and Ill be like hmmm....a black city with GGH would go fab with this outfit. The only reason I dont have one is because I wouldnt wear it often enough.

    So theres really nothing wrong with owning both because they're totally different imo.
  11. Gold!

    When I get my first bbag it will be a black part-time with GGH.
  12. GGH all the way!
  13. Gold gets my vote...
  14. Black with GSH!!!
  15. at first I am tempted to say silver, but the gold is gorgeous too :drool: can't go wrong with either!!