Black With Camel Stam ????

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  1. I believe it's a mistake - you'd think with all money NM has they'd be able to get things right!
  2. Not surprised by mistakes. =)
    The picture is of a Cashew Stam rather than Camel Stam. I saw Cashew & Camel Stam in real life, I don't remember seeing black leather on these chains. Unless I'm totally losing it after seeing so many bags. =)
  3. If you are, I must be too!!!!!:blink: :roflmfao:
  4. LOL. =) I'm trying to be good -- stay away from stores during all these big sales. =)
  5. good pick up. how embarrassing. can you imagine the photo shoot of all those people looking for the right chain?
  6. maybe they did it on purpose to fool people who would try to counterfeit the bag??
    i doubt it though; it really sticks out and looks obviously wrong.
  7. Hi there! I own a Camel Stam, and the leather on the chain is definitely camel-colored. I have to note though, the color of the bag and stitching looks REALLY off. It's a warmer, peanut-buttery tone and the stiching a a lighter tan.
  8. SuLi, if you are referring to the color being shown on the website, it is Cashew (very obvious contrast stitching; looks like that in real life as well).
  9. I thought the contrast stitching of the camel or cashew was black so if that was the case, then the black on the chain handle wouldn't actually look so bad and I think make it look even more interesting.
  10. Hi there! I didn't think it looked like Camel, but it's listed as such on the website. Weird.