Black with brown

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  1. As I keep looking through eBay, I really love the Cigare Fonce color. However, I wear a LOT of black. Black trench, black sweaters, black pants, etc. Do you ladies find that the brown and black clashes when worn together?
  2. I don't, no. I have two Brown Bals that I wear with Black and they look great.
    In fact, I love how my Mogano looks with Black. And my Chocolate always gets used in crappy weather (it's my work horse) regardless of what colors I'm wearing. (ok, not pinks and such, but you get it).
  3. Awesome, thanks BPC! I usually wear black, but the more I thought about it the more I wanted something a bit different. I found this gorgeous cigare fonce Part Time on eBay, and as soon as I can get it authenticated, I'm putting in an offer!
  4. Actually black and brown is a very popular combination for anything from furniture (black and cherry) to riding boots and, yes, bags themselves. Your brown Bal will rock with black!
  5. My last everyday purse was a brown in a shade very close to Cigare Fonce and it went with everything! (And I wear a lot of black too.) Good luck on the authentication!
  6. It really depends on how you style it, I wear black and brown together. & I also think that the shade of brown that is Cigare Fonce would be easy to wear with black.
  7. Black and dark brown are natural companions. I think they look great together. Actually, I like any brown shade with black.