Black with Brown Hudson spotted at Bloomingdales...

  1. I was at the Bloomingdales in Sherman Oaks, CA this morning and there was a Black with Brown (stripes) Hudson in the case. I was surprised to see it, since I thought the Hudson was long gone other than the MJ boutique. It looked like it was in good condition. In case anyone is looking for it!
  2. ^any idea how much it was? was it on sale? god, i would be tempted to call today and presale it!
  3. I didn't check, but I think it was still full price. It was in the case with all the black bags. They have them arranged by color. You might want to call to find out, though. They did have a couple of bags 30% off in a different case. I haven't seen a Hudson in a store other than an MJ boutique in a long time.