Black&White striped damasse bbag - like it?

  1. I am on a mission to get an apple balenciaga and so I had a friend pull some 'strings' and find out how to get a bag custom made - and along with the order information we got some photos of a black and white striped city bag.

    Does anyone have it? It kind of reminds me of the hamburgler from mcdonald's lol!

  2. I didn't know you could have bags custom made! I'm not a fan of the stripes, sorry!
  3. What? how do you get balenciaga bags custom made?

    BTW I saw the striped damask in day/hobo style today and I must admit, it looks better in person than in pictures, and I'm not even a fan of hobo style. I bet it looks even better in the city
  4. Everyone needs something stylish for a prison escape. Odd... but kind of likable.
  5. That's Balenciaga behind bars! :lol: Aloha Rag got the b/w striped in the Day and Courrier styles as of now.

    Btw, how much is to custom made a B-bag?
  6. yea Im not too fond of the stripes or the non-'skittles' question -

    as for the custom made items, everything can be bought for the right amount of money or network association in most cases -
  7. I got the stripes and returned it the same day, lol!
  8. it kind of reminds me of a referee's jersey!
  9. Yup ... I just got it today; picking it up later this afternoon!!!! I had originally wanted the Work (or Courier), but after talking to Balenciaga-NYC (and finding out that there is a SIGNIFICANT Wait List for this bag), I decided to snap it up when I got the call from Barney's today (I'm NOT going to make the same mistake that I did with not getting the Apple Green bag!).
  10. CeeJay, so you're getting the city???? omg omg I'd love to see pics when you get it! This bag is actually growing on me
  11. A custom made Balenciaga by Balenciaga, or someone else? Hmmm.... anyway, the stripes just arent doin' it for me.
  12. Exactly what I was going to say ...
  13. or that one 'get out of jail free' card from the monopoly board game lol
  14. fortunately I work in the film/television/music industry and have stylist and wardrobe professionals that have fantastic relationships with designers and stylists from all over the globe - it truly is the best career choice by far... :smile:
  15. Love the stripes, can't wait to see CeeJays .....
    My fave of all times is the pony skin - only came out in Japan for a store opening - so I will probably never get one!!