Black & White Striped Damask City on eBay

  1. SBB.jpg
  2. I'm on the list at Balenciaga-NY for either the Work or Courier (I know that Aloha Rag has the courier); I'm still trying to decide between the two ...

    1) Work -or-
    2) Courier

    What do you folks think?
  3. I think I would need to see them IRL- that's a tough decision! The courier may look really awesome because of the beautiful way it has a slouch in the look so it may break up the design of it nicely- can you find a picture of it in the Courier style?
  4. Yeah, I have the picture from Aloha Rag ... but not on this computer (I'll have to post it when I'm back at work).

    Of course, knowing my luck (or lack thereof) as of late, it's probably been sold by now ...
  5. Hey CeeJay,
    this one is on your most wanted list right:nuts: Maybe you could get a better deal from this seller. I would love to see you FINALLY get a bag you want so badly. I pulling for ya!!;) By the way, I'm on an apple city hunt for you. Have a friend of a friend who might sell theirs. Not sure when I'll find out, but I told her what you'd be willing to pay. So there may be one here for you in the very near future *my fingers are crossed!*;)
  6. I have to say- although I didn't immediately love this design at first that I'm thinking I really would choose the Courier style. I am imagining how nicely it would probably look on that style bag. I am not in love with this design on the work- so if it were me I would choose the Courier- just my personal opinion. It may look to "referee" (sp.?) on the work and on the Courier due to the "slouch" it would break up the stripes and flow beautifully.
  7. I don't know what I think about this style.
  8. Saw this IRL yesterday - its quite pretty actually. Its not plain balck and white stripes - there's a pattern underneath. Reminds me of fine china. I'm not sure about the courier just because I think it might be a bit delicate, buts its really lovely, and very striking.
  9. english girl- did you see it in the Courier style?
  10. Yes, actually - the smaller of the two courier sizes I think. There was a rouille one too, and it was a lot bigger.

    Why - is there anything you wanted to know?
  11. No- I was just wanting to know how it looked IRL. I will get the cornflower or emerald in the Courier. I haven't seen the emerald IRL and can't decide which to get- cornflower or emerald!
  12. I think the Courier in this style would absolutely Rock! I wasn't too thrilled about this style originally, but after CeeJay's brainwashing, I am completely digging it!!!
  13. It looked...great. Really striking. <--- I keep coming back to that word.:shame:
  14. It looked...great. Really striking. <--- I keep coming back to that word.:shame:

    I think striking is the perfect description!
  15. Hmmm...I am really liking the texture in the fabric...first time I have noticed... I am not a huge fan of the courier. I looked at the style in NM seemed awkward to me. I think it would be striking in the work (saw the toile in the work...gorgeous!).