Black & White Striped Damask City at N/M - Boston

  1. Oh yeah ... wanted to let you folks know that the Neiman Marcus in Boston has the Black & White Striped Damask City bag! It appears as though they are now selling Balenciaga; possibly because both Barneys NY and Louis Boston are also selling Balenciaga.

    If anyone wants it ... give them a call ... (I've attached a picture of mine).
    2006 Black+White Damask Citywtmk.jpg
  2. How much for it?
  3. Oh awesome! I'm so glad they are selling them there now. Maybe I can use my husband's NM card for a change!
  4. I purchased mine at Barneys New York; it was the same as the regular leather City bag - $1195. I've seen that some retail stores are selling this bag for $1295!
  5. holy jeez!

    $1,000?? i must be POOR to think THATS too much for a beautiful bag!

    i want one!
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