Black & White Striped Damask ... and Courier Bag

  1. Just got off the phone with Balenciaga NYC ... while they don't have the Black & White Striped bag in stock, I'm #1 for the next one that comes in (Work or City) ... I'm so excited!!! The S/A said that it comes in three styles only ... the City, Work and Day (which I'm NOT fond of).

    In addition, I happened to see one of these new Courier style bags "in-the-flesh" last night at Barney's NY ... this picture is from - but the picture doesn't really show it that well.
    I REALLY like this style (except for the stinkin' leather - YUCK :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: )!!!

    According to the S/A at Balenciaga, they is also a LARGE size (man ... it must be GI-GUNDO because the one I saw last night wasn't small!). Anyhow, for someone like me who travels so much, having a large-sized bag (although I love my Weekenders) with a shoulder strap - WOO HOO :lol: !).

    The S/A said that the Courier style comes in the Rust, Camel, Grey, Black, Ink and Cornflower colors as well as the Toile (Blue with either Black leather or Rust leather). I saw the Toile last night ... not my cup of tea.

    The LARGE size will come in fewer colors - White, Black, Grey, Camel and Rust (hmmm ... I wonder if I did see the large size last night?).
    B-Bag Courier Style.jpg
  2. Hi
    The Courier is the bag I am going to get! Love it! What color are you getting?
  3. What does the black and white striped damask look like? Sorry- I am new to Balenciaga!
  4. yayy..more balenciaga updates...
    me likeeeeey...
  5. So which size did you sign up for in the stripe? That is going to be awesome when you get it!!! Can't wait to see pics!
  6. Here's a picture that I just found ... not the best, but it gives you an idea (look at the latest Vogue - there's also a picture in there).
    Black+White Striped Damask.jpg
  7. ooohhh pretty!!

    Is that leather or fabric?
  8. Either the Work or City (since I don't like the Day bag). Either one will be fine with me ... I guess this is a limited edition bag, so Balenciaga is not making as many as the other 'leather' styles.

  9. Fabric (Damask) ... same as the Toile fabric; although the Toile looks like my mother's china pattern! The Black & White looks very rock & roll to me ... I LOVE IT!!!
  10. At first I was thinking along the lines of the Orange/Rust, but the leather was so BARF-O-MATIC, that I nixed it (the same with the Caramel). The best one that I saw last night was the White (the leather was a lot nicer), but there is NO WAY that I would buy a White bag ... I'm selling my White Weekender because I've never used it!
  11. oh right, damask......

    It definitely looks very rock and roll!! Please post pics when you get the new style too!
  12. fun!!! i just love hearing about up dates!!!
  13. Ooooh, fab find! please post pics. if and when you make the big purchase.
  14. Love the stripes!!!
    Ceejay, are they black and white or black and cream??
    Someone sent me info from LVR regarding this bag and it looked cream.
    Its a hot bag.
  15. CeeJay, I saw the courier in Ink at cult status (AU website), and the picture definitely didn't look like the small one. :weird: