Black & White Pearl Necklace Price?

  1. Is This Still Availavle In The Stores. The 64 Inch Version. I Just Saw It On eBay Am In Love With It. I See That Alot Of People Have It Was It Just Discountued. I Was Just At Saks And Got The Regular Pearl Necklace And Love And That Was Close To $800.
  2. The black and white pearl necklace is from Spring 2005. It was very popular and I am told sold out very quickly. Retail was $1,250. All of the one's I have ever seen on eBay are fake.
  3. I have always been interested in buying that. Not long ago, I saw quite a lot of them on eBay selling $500 BIN
    How can you tell they are fake?
    (Maybe I should post under "Authenticate this Chanel" thread?)

  4. I actually did post one the other day and no one replied to me.
  5. I must have missed your post. It's sometimes hard to keep up with all the posts in there and I'm normally the only one comfortable enough to authenticate the costume jewelry. Can you repost?