Black / White MC

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  1. I saw an authentic white MC today...up until now I'd mostly seen fakes with about three colors, but this was the real McCoy. After all the fakes I thought "wow, the 33 colours must be really pretty, and it must be soo impressive".

    But frankly, it didn't blow me away...

    So my question: is the black MC prettier than the white MC?

    The bag I saw the Eliza - does the design of the bag have anything to do whether the MC looks good in white or not? Do any of you have preferences as to bag style and black /white MC?
  2. I like white MC.
  3. Blanco, blanc, branco, bianco....white...The White MC is my choice :yes:
  4. i love the white mc for most things, but i really really want a black mc speedy.
  5. To me, some bags look better in white and some better in black. For example, I LOVED my Speedy in black (didn't care for it in white at all!) and my Alma in white (same thing. When I was shown one in black, I just didn't feel it at all). I guess it's a personal choice, really.
  6. White MC
  7. I prefer white and again it depends on the bag..
  8. I love black MC. :biggrin:
  9. Some bags look different to others in either color. It's also a preference in the eye of the beholder looking to collect.
  10. I got the Eliza in white and I did try the black one but prefer the white one.
  11. I personally LOVE MC in all colors..but honestly, I think the Speedy 30 is the very best to show off the design. That bag really "wows" with both colors IMO.
  12. I'm totally opposite to Irene, when i got my mc speedy it had to be white! just feel in love with it. Then bought my alma in black. I didnt want two colors the same although different bags.

    Now I like either in either color.
    I think it depends on you and when you plan on using the bag.

    Sorry i'm not much help :biggrin:
  13. white
  14. i prefer it in white.
  15. White for bags, black for accessories...